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10 Anime That Are Only Worth Watching For The Music

There are many musical anime out there, and some are extremely popular not only for the music, but also for their fantastic characters, world-building, and story. Others, however, are primarily known for their music and not much else.

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These anime might be solely famous thanks to the music itself, being the most memorable element of ClassicLoid and Listeners, or the confusing main story for viewers, as in Takt Op. Destiny. Other anime are mainly popular for music alone since the story and the characters are in no way revolutionary, as in Magic-Kyun! Renaissance and Your lie in April. If it weren’t for these anime and their wonderful music, they might not be as well known or popular right now.

ten Takt Op. Destiny has many classic music remixes involved in combat

takt op.destiny cosette musicart destiny

Takt Op. destiny is extremely fun to watch for the combat and the classical music involved. Indeed, the classic music of each battle morphs into an epic remixed version, making it fit for the beasts Takt, Destiny, and their allies fight together. However, the overpowering Musicart Destiny and uneven story pacing can make it difficult for viewers to understand when first shown.

This is made all the more difficult by the fact that each of the eight episodes of the first season is packed with information and there are currently few other sources to work with for the franchise.

9 Your Lie in April Has Great Classical Music

Your lie in April characters

Your lie in April is well known for its classical music. However, it is otherwise a fairly normal animated drama involving friends, developing romantic relationships, and dealing with past traumas. There’s nothing hugely groundbreaking about the main story or all of its characters compared to other anime with similar premises.

Some argue that without the right classical music and attention to detail when animating each performance scene, it’s likely the show wouldn’t be as famous as it is now.

8 Magic-Kyun! The Renaissance looks good

many moments in Magic Kyun! Renaissance involved Kohana using her Light of Arte to inspire her love interests. However, it also resulted in several short musical numbers between Kohana and each of her love interests in each episode.

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The visuals of each music scene and the music itself helped fans engage with what is mostly normal reverse harem anime. At its core, aside from the magic, it mostly plays out like any normal reverse harem anime, including the protagonist never choosing a love interest at the end.

seven K-On! Is best known for his music

The group of main characters kiss in K-On!

K-On! is a very popular anime for its music, since the main cast belongs to a light music club. However, hilarity ensues when the main protagonist, Yui, has no previous experience of learning music or even reading music. Although the series is well known for its wonderful music, the series turns into another slice-of-life anime at its core.

A little like Your lie in April, K-On! has no moments that break the main anime formula with similar concepts. Despite the simple format, it was popular enough to have two seasons and a movie where the cast traveled to London.

6 One of the two main protagonists of Nana is a singer

Nana anime 2007 characters holding hands.jpg

granny is hugely popular thanks to one of the titular characters, Nana Osaki, who is an aspiring singer. This earned her many fabulous musical numbers in the anime adaptation since she wanted to become famous. The music of granny was so popular that it inspired many series tribute albums.

However, many agree that if it weren’t for the wonderful music, granny wouldn’t be as famous and well-known as he is now. Much of the series’ drama is reminiscent of other anime involving similar characters and issues.

5 Aggretsuko has epic streaks of metal and rap music

aggretsuko header

Aggretsuko is a humorous anime with ironically serious stakes, but it’s best known for Retsuko’s metal music when she does karaoke, as well as several rap sequences and other musical numbers from her friends and co-workers. Some of those musical moments were hilarious when they pitted friends and co-workers against each other as they tried to work through their issues.

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While it’s fun to watch Retsuko and the rest of the cast show off their aggressions and insecurities, most of the anime otherwise plays out like normal office and slice-of-life drama dealing with day-to-day issues.

4 Listeners is Mecha Anime music best known for its musical references

Listeners is a mecha musical anime involving people called Players, who use their abilities and pilot mechas to destroy the Earless and save humanity. The main protagonist aspired to become one of the players but has no hope of doing so until he meets a girl named μ, also known as Miu.

Listeners became widely known for their musical elements, including many musical references. However, it has become so popular for its musical references that they have become one of the only things the anime is well known for.

3 Revue Starlight is best known for its musical battles on stage

Starlight Review is a multimedia project consisting of a smartphone game, films, a musical and a related anime adaptation. The main story followed students trying to become the star of their latest production by fighting dramatic battles against each other.

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Despite the fabulous performances the cast gave throughout the series, many agreed that the world-building and plot got so over the top that it was absurd at times. Starlight Review would be less popular without the incredible music involved, despite its hilarious concept.

2 Princess Tutu is best known for ballet and its music

Princess Tutu Anime Ahiru As Tutu

Although the main stories of the manga and anime adaptation of princess tutu differ hugely from each other, the heart of each story centers around Ahiru, a young girl attending a ballet academy. Using a mysterious pendant, she can transform into Princess Tutu and use her classical dance to solve any problems that arise.

Outside of the dance, however, viewers found the main story at times confusing and difficult to follow. It didn’t help that the main antagonist of the manga and anime adaptations differed, altering the events of the main stories in both adaptations.

1 ClassicaLoid involved a town trying to invigorate itself with music

ClassicLoid is a comedy series about a town trying to reinvigorate itself with music. However, the titular ClassicaLoids perform music that causes all sorts of mayhem, like stars falling from the sky and giant robots appearing. Hilarity ensued as more and more ClassicaLoids appeared, their origins becoming a huge mystery for the main cast to uncover.

ClassicLoid, despite his extremely hilarious situations, is best known for the music. Viewers agree that if the series didn’t have its musical sequences, the entire anime would fall flat for them if it relied solely on humor.

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