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10 Best Free Xbox Games to Play Right Now

Xbox has made it easy for its gamers to play the best and latest games through their Game Pass feature, but even gamers who don’t want to spend extra money on the monthly subscription can find some amazing games that are completely free to download. .

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Xbox does a great job scrolling through various games in its best selection of free games, and whatever type of game someone is looking for, they’re sure to find something entertaining and enjoyable. Even some of the most popular titles are available for free and can be played right now.


Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Telltale's walking dead xbox

witness of The Walking Dead is an interactive story game based on the hit AMC series. Several games in the series are up for grabs completely free of charge from the Microsoft Store, allowing players to experience the world of The Walking Dead in an entirely new way.

The Walking Dead The games take players through an intense story filled with diverse and complex characters living in a post-apocalyptic world. Players are challenged with fast-paced events through action sequences and must choose complicated options and dialogues that unlock their story resolution. This dystopian story-driven game is an exciting and heartfelt experience, with stunning and comedic visuals. Players won’t get tired of replaying it and seeing all the possible outcomes.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is a sci-fi MMORPG from SEGA. This open-world video game is ideal for anime fans, featuring anime-inspired characters with cute and quirky graphics.

Players can hop into sci-fi galaxies, travel to different planets as an ARKS recruit, and rid the planets of the evil that seeks to destroy them. They can create a character by choosing between four races and a larger selection of 13 different classes. Players navigate the landscape of unique planets and continue to upgrade their character and gear as they face the threat of Falspawn aliens.

Poker Prominence

Poker Prominence is an all-new poker experience that provides a casual and fun platform to play the card game and allows players to customize a unique character as they try their luck against other players online.

Poker Prominence is a virtual game requiring no real purchase or currency that allows players to join different levels of tables and play with their virtual chips to win big. Players level up and gain more reputation, allowing them to unlock further character customizations and items. This fun card game features in-game voice chat to interact with others and cool animations and emotes.


xbox treasure

treasure is a voxel-based MMO sandbox game similar to Minecraft but with an open world, character classes, and tons of other online characters to team up with or against in dungeons.

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It is a unique sandbox game as it allows players to be creative and build their own bases. It also works like the classic MMO. Players can choose between different classes and create custom characters with different skills. They can venture into the open world, roam dungeons, battle powerful enemies, and earn great loot. Players can find mounts, armor, weapons and more for their original characters and team up with others to continue progressing.

life is strange

life is strange xbox

life is strange is one of the most cinematic story games that anyone can play for free. The first and second games are free to download from the Microsoft store and guarantee a suspenseful and heartfelt story.

The games are interactive stories that dive into lots of gritty themes and real-life struggles. Players can play as two different characters in both games and witness their supernatural abilities while solving different puzzles, choosing between dialogue options, and making decisions that will affect the course of the story. The games’ music and intricate characters create a cinematic and emotional experience.


Hit the Xbox

Punishment is a multiplayer battleground game that requires players to team up in different game modes and fight in arena scenarios. This third-person game relies heavily on strategic and cooperative gameplay, which means only the best will achieve victory.

The game takes place in the battleground of the gods, meaning players choose from a long list of mythical and historical characters with varying skills and attributes. Characters should work well together and dive into the fast-paced arena against other players online. They can improve their characters as they fight, trying to complete objectives or defeat enemies before the end.


brawlhalla is a cartoonish arena game that players can play online or locally. As the Super Smash Bros. games, it features an eight-person arena game where players pick a fighter and fight until one remains, either as a team or solo.

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Players can choose from a roster of characters, some they might recognize from other major titles, and using their abilities, they must battle their opponents in an attempt to knock them off the stage. They can also choose from several game modes: Free-For-All, 1V1 Strikeout, 1v1 Experimental and another special cycling mode every week. Players can experience the diverse and powerful abilities of each character and test their combo battle abilities with the goal of taking out the champion.

rocket league

xbox rocket league

rocket league is a fun spin on the best racing video games, bringing two very different sports together in a competitive car football game. The game allows players to unlock new cars, decals and styles and compete in different game modes in this alternative football experience.

Players can compete one-on-one or team up with others to compete in different five-minute matches. They must use the speed of their cars and their boosts to knock the gravity-sensitive ball into the opponent’s goal. Players can customize the model of their cars and their accessories, choosing from various rarity items and unlocking more. Cars can crash into each other to defend their objectives and also drive up walls and ceilings. Only the fastest and most talented players will be able to score goals and achieve victory.


fortnite is one of the most popular PVP Battle Royale games, and it’s completely free on Xbox. It constantly brings new content, allowing players to experience evolving features and follow an underlying story arc as they compete against others in the fiercely competitive arena.

The game takes place in a 100-person Battle Royale arena, with a huge original map filled with unique equipment and surprises. It constantly has new seasons, allowing players to complete challenges and unlock new items and character skins with incredible fortnite collaborations with comics and films. Players can team up or play solo as they compete to be the best surviving fighter as the storm sets in. fortnite also has a new feature where players can create their own game modes or try out others’ creations.

Infinite Halo

the beloved Halo The franchise recently introduced a new game to their series, and it’s their very first to have a completely free-to-play online multiplayer mode. Infinite Halo contains all favorite multiplayer game modes Halo fans love it, from Deathmatch to Capture-The-Flag.

Multiplayer is a fast and skillful PVP battle game where players can find all Halo Infinite best weapons, vehicles and special technologies to face their opponents. With their all-new Battle Pass, players can complete challenges across the various game modes and claim new armor, attachments, and styles. This game has all the nostalgic value of the past Halo games, with more enhanced features expected from a new game.

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