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10 Eternal Comics That Are Better Than The Movie

Thanks to the recent Marvel Studios movie, Eternals, one of Marvel’s most underrated superhero teams has finally had its time in the spotlight. When comic book legend and Marvel comics pioneer Jack Kirby returned to work for Marvel in 1976, he produced the brand new concept of The Eternals after years of writing the iconic series. new gods for DC comics. Kirby created the Eternals to continue exploring his fascinating ideas about cosmic gods, creation, and ancient mythology.

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Over thirty years later, the Eternals have grown and flourished under the pens of other great comic book writers like Neil Gaman and Alex Ross.

ten The Eternals first appeared in 1976


As previously mentioned, when Jack Kirby returned to Marvel in 1976, he created the Eternals to continue exploring themes once traversed in his DC comic book series, new gods. In Eternals Vol 1 #1, released in 1976, Kirby introduced the first Eternal, Ikaris. In the story, Ikaris tells his human friends how human creation came from the same process that created him and his fellow Eternals. Ikaris explains that ancient gods, later called Celestials, came to Earth and created three species: Humans, Eternals, and Deviants. He further tells them that as an Eternal, it is his responsibility to protect the humans from any conflict created by the Deviants.

9 Thor sought answers on the Celestials


After the Eternals mythos was introduced in its first series from 1976 to 1978, characters from the mythos began to appear in various Marvel titles. One of the Eternals’ first major storylines outside of their title began in Annual of Thor #7, which started on Saga of the Celestials. In this issue, after discovering that his memories were blocked, Thor recalls how he met the Eternals and learned all about the Deviants.

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This issue began an 18-chapter storyline featuring Thor seeking answers to the mysteries of the Celestials and their creations.

8 Killing a God inspired the movie Eternals


One of the most beloved stories of modern Eternals appeared in the first six issues of Eternals Volume 4. In this storyline, officially titled kill a god, the Deviants use Makkari, the Eternals’ speedster, to awaken the Celestial Dreamer. The Deviants eventually signal the Horde (a group of insect beings) to devour the Earth for the Celestial to be born. Among a few others, this scenario strongly inspired Marvel Studios Eternals film, as the plot of the story was reworked into an important narrative vehicle for the film.

seven Iron Man flew to Olympia in Iron Man Annual

Iron Man

As the Eternals continued to expand and appear in various Marvel Universe titles, they eventually made their way to Iron Man in Iron Man Annual #6. In this issue, Iron Man, who Jim Rhodes was managing at the time, flew to Olympia, home of the Eternals. Upon his accidental arrival, Iron Man sees a Deviant invasion. Shortly after, a deviant commander tells one of his soldiers to attack Iron Man, assuming he is an android.

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After breaking free from the Deviant attack, Iron Man tries to help the Eternals but quickly learns something is wrong.

6 Eternals Volume 2 Had The Dreaming Celestial Saga


In 1986, eight years after the end of Eternals Volume 1 of Jack Kirby, Marvel launched Eternals Volume 2 from the pen of writer Peter Gillis as a 12-issue limited series. The storyline saw numerous appearances by the warlord and dictator of the Deviants, Kro. In issue #9 of this Eternals series, a well-known Eternals storyline occurred in which Ikaris, the first Eternal introduced by Marvel, battled for leadership of the Eternals with Thena, the strongest hand-to-hand combatant. talent of the Eternals. Additionally, in issue #10 of this volume, Sersi turned Ikaris into a deviant.

5 Earth-X also inspired the movie Eternals


Another Eternals storyline that had a significant influence on the plot of the Marvel Studios film is the 1999 miniseries, Earth-X. In an alternate timeline, Earth-X is home to billions of people, but nearly everyone there possesses some form of superpower. Eventually, the Eternals of Earth-X learn that, like in the movie, Earth-X is being used as a host planet for the upcoming birth of a Celestial.

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He later reveals that all superpowered beings on Earth-X are experiments of the Celestials, and their energy is being siphoned off to power the birth of the new Celestial.

4 Neil Gaiman wrote Eternals in 2006


In 2006, Marvel released Volume 3 of Eternals by world-renowned British author Neil Gaiman. Paired with the art of fan-favorite comic book artist John Romita Jr, he and Gaiman are arguably the most well-known Eternals creative team ever assembled. The seven-issue miniseries covered previous themes like Creation and did a great job of expanding Eternals lore and adding plenty of new supporting characters. One of those big additions came in the form of a love interest for Thena named Thomas Eliot. The two eventually have a child named Joey.

3 Eternal war showed the first firmament


Much of the lore of the Eternals is the story of human creation stemming from the ancient war between the Celestials and the Aspirants. In their conflict, the Celestials and the Aspirants caused the near destruction of their universe, known as the Prime Firmament. From the destruction of the First Firmament came the creation of other infinite universes, officially creating the multiverse.

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Eternity Watch, which officially started in Ultimate 2 Vol 2 #9, covers the epic story of how the Prime Firmament attacked the embodiment of the multiverse: the cosmic being, Eternity.

2 Manifest Fate Came Directly After Killing A God

Manifest Destiny

Immediately after the end of kill a god scenario in Eternals Vol 4 #6, number 7 started the start of the Manifest Destiny chapter. The storyline also primarily involves the X-Men (Manifest Destiny was not exclusive to the Eternals comics). It also expanded into the X-Men books and Wolverine’s solo title. As Ikaris and Druig’s long-standing hatred comes to a head in this story, the X-Men move to San Francisco. After being forced to step in and stop the conflict, the X-Men team up with the Eternals to stop the Horde from taking over Earth.

1 The Deviant Saga Brought Thor Back Into The Eternals Mythos


As mentioned earlier, Thor is no stranger to working alongside the Eternals to defeat their greatest enemies: the Deviants. In Thor: The Deviants Saga, Thor discovers that the deviant Ereshkigal is scavenging the ruins of Asgard for something that will help protect her race from extinction. Instead, Ereshkigal found the Unbinding Stone of Oshemar, which is a weapon capable of destroying reality. With the weapon now in hand, Thor must stop Ereshkigal from taking over the universe in addition to searching for the Eternals, who are suddenly missing.

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