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10 fun Alexa games for kids

Are you a parent looking for a way to enrich your child’s mind while having fun? The good news is that Alexa can help you in both areas with a range of voice games for kids.

There are several games available on Alexa, all designed to delight children of all ages. And the best part? Alexa games are easy to learn, simple to play, and can keep your child entertained for hours. Here are some of the best Alexa games.

Say it: “Alexa, open Sesame Street.”

The Sesame Street Alexa Game is an interactive way to help your child learn and expand their vocabulary while having fun. Join Elmo as he teaches the kids the letter of the day or plays hide and seek, all with the help of Alexa.

This will keep any little one quite engaged, so take advantage of this opportunity for parent/child bonding times too. It can’t hurt, especially since we all know how adorable Elmo is.

Say it: “Alexa, play Kids Quiz!”

The world is big and kids can learn more by playing this Alexa game. Kids quiz! is a trivia game that tests children’s knowledge of general facts, including things like history, science, and geography.


It’s a great game to help your child broaden their horizons and learn new things. And since the questions are based on general knowledge, it’s a fun Alexa game for the whole family.

With four different difficulty levels, children can play Kids Quiz! more than once and constantly learning something new.

Say it: “Alexa, open Mighty Trivia.”

Mighty Trivia is a great way to get kids who are up for the challenge to guess what Alexa pretends to be. This game can provide hours and hours of fun for kids and adults with three difficulty levels.

In Mighty Trivia, Alexa will give you clues about different objects, people or places. It’s up to you and your team to guess what she’s thinking. With each new round, the questions get harder, which means your family or friends can join in the fun.

It’s a great way for your child to learn and recognize new objects and animal sounds.

Say it: “Alexa, open the magic door.”

Alexa, what’s the next step in our adventure? If your kid is a fan of pick and choose audio adventure books, then they’ll love The Magic Door.

This interactive storytelling experience is extremely engaging and entertaining. It features about 10 minutes of narration and sound effects, and some pretty cool background music.

The game doesn’t have simple instructions on how to play, but that’s what makes it even more fun. There are several different paths to take, all of which vary from one to the next. Every choice you make will affect the next stage of your adventure.

It’s perfect for children who love stories and books and can also help improve their problem-solving skills.

Say it: “Alexa, open Bamboo Math.”

This educational game is designed to improve children’s arithmetic skills through games and activities. It provides questions that build knowledge, are engaging, and easy to understand.

You can increase the level of difficulty by saying the correct words, such as “harder” or “easier”. This game will help your child learn math without them even realizing it or wanting to see what they know about it.

Bamboo Math is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn math, and it’s a great way to help them improve their skills. From addition and subtraction to multiplication and division, this game has it all. There are also many fun websites to help kids learn math if you need more ideas.

Say it: “Alexa, play the Disney Hits Challenge.”

Disney Hits Challenge is a trivia game that features your favorite Disney songs and characters. Kids will love choosing their favorite Disney character and playing all kinds of addictive musical games.

This game will help your child learn the titles, characters and lyrics of all their favorite Disney songs while increasing their knowledge of popular Disney movies. The best part?

They learn all of this while having fun and hanging out with their favorite Disney characters. It’s one of the best Alexa board games for Disney fans of all ages.

Say it: “Alexa, play the Harry Potter quiz.”

The Official Harry Potter Quiz is an exciting way for children to discover the world of Harry Potter and have a magical experience.

The game includes audio clips from the Harry Potter series narrated by Jim Dale, who we know for voicing many of our favorite characters.

The game contains thousands of questions from all seven books as well as four bonus levels. It’s the perfect way to test your knowledge of the world of Harry Potter. This game is a must for any Harry Potter fan.

Say it: “Alexa, start the SpongeBob Challenge.”

The SpongeBob Challenge is an interactive way to help kids learn how to handle all kinds of customers while running the Krusty Krab restaurant.

This game features exclusive voice clips from SpongeBob, Squidward and Mr. Krabs, so kids can listen to their favorite characters as they play.

The game is perfect for kids who love SpongeBob SquarePants but also want to learn how to take care of all kinds of customers with confidence. And the best part?

The game doesn’t just help them with their customer service skills. It can also be a fun way for kids and parents to spend time together reliving memories of that awesome TV show.

Say it: “Alexa, open animal training.”

What is the best workout for children? Animal training, of course. This game is a great way to get your little one moving.

The exercises in the game are based on the movements that animals do in nature, so kids can pretend to be a lion, monkey or any other animal while they practice. From jumping like a frog to rolling on the floor like a dog, Animal Workout has it all.

The game is designed to be fun and entertaining while being a great workout for kids. It’s perfect for parents who want to make sure their kids get enough exercise, but don’t want them to get bored doing it.

Say it: “Alexa, start animal game.”

Animal Game is a perfect way for kids to learn about different animals and their habitats. Just think of an animal, and Alexa will try to guess which one you’re thinking of by asking you a series of questions.

This game is perfect for parents who want to help their children learn about different animals but don’t know where to start. It’s also a great way to help improve your child’s vocabulary and learn more about where different animals live.

With Animal Game, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge your child can acquire.

Alexa makes learning fun for kids

With these awesome Alexa games, you can keep your kids entertained for hours while teaching them new things at the same time. In addition, the games will improve your child’s knowledge and skills in a fun way.

So what are you waiting for? Try these Alexa games and see how much more your child can learn before you know it.

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