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10 Hidden Things Redditors Found In The Batman: Arkham Games

Gotham Knights was released on October 21, 2022, and although some Batman: Arkham fans may lament that a real Arkham the title is still a long way off, players are already finding its world to have plenty of easter eggs, references, and hidden details to uncover. Even so, it will struggle to compare to the sheer number of features hidden within the Batman: Arkham Games.

Redditors have spent years tirelessly searching for those hidden details in every title of Batman: Arkham Asylum at Batman: Arkham Knightand share their findings with other fans. These are some of their most interesting finds from the action-packed, detail-packed superhero franchise.


10/10 Facade of the Crazy Quilt store (Batman: Arkham Knight)

The Batman: Arkham the games are famous for their rich open worlds that make the player feel like they are in a real, lived-in city and so it would be easy to dismiss a random laundromat with an interesting sign. Fortunately, Redditor weaver had their eyes peeled when they noticed one with a sign that read “Quilt’s Laundromat” and “Crazy Prices”.

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They suggest it’s a reference to the lesser-known Batman villain, Crazy Quilt, and with the show’s habit of referencing obscure heroes and villains from the show, it most likely is. . Since Crazy Quilt doesn’t yet have a significant feature in games as a character, this hidden scream will have to satisfy fans.

9/10 Heard Militia Trooper Dialogue (Batman: Arkham Knight)

While the Batman: Arkham the series is not the only one hide details and easter eggs around his card and various locations in the game, it’s rare for a game to also hide a lot of hidden details in the dialogue that the player has to be in the right place at the right time to hear. This is why Redditor hyabusa691 comments that they “love hearing the thugs talk in this game”.

In one instance, they noticed a Militia soldier saying he’d much rather take over Gotham than Keystone, because it’s at least possible to see Batman coming. Keystone City has been home to several iterations of The Flash in the comics and this random dialogue seems to hint that the hero exists in the world of Batman: Arkham too.

8/10 Appearance of Starro the Conqueror (Batman: Arkham Knight)

To find one of Batman: Arkham Knightsfunniest hidden details, the player must have the Batgirl: A Family Affair DLC and do deep exploration to find the hidden piece between the big wheel and the big white one. This is where Redditor HaouLeo found “the giant monster Seastar” trapped in a glass tank.

This giant monster is Starro the Conqueror, an extremely powerful mind-controlling alien supervillain. Starro is not DC Comics’ most obscure villain but his incredible powers and odd shape mean the developers would likely struggle to give him a major role in the game. This weird nod to the character hidden in the DLC is the perfect way to still include him.

7/10 A Batgirl costume hidden in the clock tower (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Ever since Batgirl became a playable character in the Arkham Knight DLC references to his in-universe existence might not be as sparse or intriguing now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make for some cool hidden details. Editor ChronX4 says the “Secret Batgirl Costume Exhibit” in the Clock Tower was “the one I really liked”.

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If the player is able to find the secret entrance at the top of the tower and unlock the screen inside, a panel opens revealing her costume and newspaper clippings of Barbara Gordon’s heroic moments. These little details help give it the feel of a place that was never meant to be discovered by outsiders, which makes uncovering the secret all the more exciting.

6/10 A Robin Reference (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

From the very first title in the series, hidden details were a defining feature of the Batman: Arkham Games. More than a decade later arkham asylumfrom, Redditor Toniosw “recently found one where Robin is referenced.” Upon going to the Visitor Center after defeating Harley Quinn, the player is presented with a video message from the Joker.

In this dialogue, the Joker asks Batman how the hero treats his staff and specifically refers to a certain employee in a “sassy outfit”, which seems like a clear nod to Batman’s red-suited sidekick. Batman and Robin have an interesting relationship and finding subtle nods in games is always fun.

5/10 The Happy Unicorn TV (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Often, the more obscure and out of place a hidden detail, the more interesting the explanation behind it. However, Redditor I always winFlash7 is one of many players who found the “Happy Unicorn!” television screen in Arkham Knight and “never understood” the meaning behind it.

Hidden in an area of ​​Chinatown, a secret switch activates a screen that shows a colorful unicorn with the “Happy Unicorn!” message. Strangely, the switch to activate it doesn’t seem connected to anything, and the fact that there’s no obvious connection between unicorns and the world of Arkham Knight means it’s something strange.

4/10 Fake Joker Clues (Batman: Arkham City)

Some Batman: Arkham the bad guys may have overstayed their welcome but few can deny Joker’s role in Arkham City wasn’t one of the best parts of the game. What makes it especially interesting for fans who like to find hidden details is that there are a ton of subtle hints to hint that the sane version of the Joker that appears is a fake.

Editor lavigta remarked that “if you hang around long enough before you go to the next room” when Harley Quinn seals off the area of ​​Sionis Steel Mill where Joker is, she can be heard telling her “that’s not really you M .J, right?” Once the player discovers the truth, this strange, hidden interaction suddenly takes on enormous significance.

3/10 John Constantine’s Supernatural Detective Agency (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Sometimes referred to as Hellblazer, John Constantine is a fan-favorite character in DC Comics and the Arkham the series could hardly do without at least a nod to the occult detective. Editor wawaboy2 was happy that they “found John Constantine’s supernatural detective business. It was kind of cool because there was absolutely nothing to show it was special.”

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In fact, it’s incredibly easy to miss the seemingly closed store with “John Constantine Paranormal Investigator” painted on the metal-paneled front window for anyone who doesn’t look closely enough. It’s the lack of fanfare for a reference to such an important character that makes it such a satisfying detail to find.

2/10 A Secret Combination in Wayne Tower (Batman: Arkham Knight)

If there’s one thing Batman fans know to be wary of, it’s statues placed prominently next to bookshelves. In the case of the Wayne Tower bust in Arkham Knightit’s no surprise that the player can interact with it and open it to reveal a scanner that confirms Batman’s identity.

Editor rperez2009 discovered that it caused “a combination and batarangs [to] come out in tubes from the ground. “Batman is nothing if not ingenious, so it makes sense that he keeps spare suits hidden near his home, or works in that case. It’s not the hardest hidden detail to find, but it’s is one that adds to the game’s grounded representation of the character.

1/10 Batman Missed Calls (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Proof that some of the most interesting hidden details of the Arkham the games are audio rather than visual, the player can find an extremely fun easter egg if they listen to messages on Bruce Wayne’s answering machine in Wayne Tower. A Editor found it and was surprised to find that he received “missed calls from Batwoman and Lex Luthor”.

That’s not all either, although messages from a concerned Kat Kane and a frustrated Lex Luthor are two of the most interesting, as are also from Vicki Vale and even the mischievous Joker. The dubbing in Arkham games are always on top so hiding more lines like this for the player to find is one of the best tricks in the game.

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