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10 hilarious memes that sum up Call of Duty games

The next iteration in the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare II, releases on October 28, and fans are more excited than ever. With the series returning to the Steam ecosystem, it looks like countless PC gamers will finally be able to join in the fun, helping to make multiplayer an even more engaging experience.

Of course, this also means that more fans will be ready to access the next game, which means one thing: more people will produce memes and other hilarious content centered on Cod. Given how amazing past memes have been, chances are there will be plenty of fun in store in the future.


somewhat inaccurate

Although the franchise has always tried to mimic the reality of war as best it can, Call of Duty: Mobile sometimes managed to stretch the truth. The idea that a player would need a specific number of pre-written kills before they could call in airstrike support is somewhat laughable.

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If a player needs air support, it’s because he needs help. Just providing this help to players who are already on top of the world is really just the game giving a head start to the character who is already on top. Moreover, it is certainly nothing realistic.

Take shelter!

Good coverage is hard to find in Call of Duty, especially cover that is not already taken by another player, spotted by the opponent, or in the ideal location for the campsite spawn. So it became a bit of a Call of Duty cliché that players could take cover together.

The reality is that this provides an advantage, as it means more players can look at more angles to protect each other. It does, however, mean that one well-placed grenade can spell the end of an entire squad, which is why it’s so funny to think of so many soldiers huddled together in one place.

must run

Duty calls, whether it’s for modern warfare or just to go to the bathroom. So whenever players get the chance, they drop the controller and run to the bathroom. Of course, this doesn’t always end well for all players.

It’s an experience most players understand, having to rush to the computer or console because they didn’t expect their resurrection or the next round to come so soon. A universal experience, but one that players tend to want to avoid as much as humanly possible.

dog paddle

Hijacked is generally considered one of the best Call of Duty Plans. After all, it’s a unique place in the middle of the ocean that’s both aesthetically and strategically different from anything in the franchise. It also helps to give the impression that the players are alone in the water and that their team has to watch their backs.

That’s why it’s great fun whenever players feel the need to call in a K-9 unit. Because, what exactly are they supposed to do? Swim to the place? The idea of ​​dogs paddling towards the boat in a desperate attempt to get there fast enough to provide extra support for the team is hilarious.

A little too much in character

Sometimes it’s a little too easy to get caught up in the games. Although gamers are often sitting in a computer chair or couch, staring at a screen, they can feel like they’re thousands of miles away, taking part in an imaginary battle with incredible stakes.

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This can sometimes make it difficult to process when suddenly the real world calls and they are brought back to reality. For a split second there’s a bit of a disconnect, which is why it’s so funny to think of a man in military gear sitting down to finish a game of Call of Duty before dinner.

Teamwork is the source of a dream job

Not everyone can be the best on the team, but that doesn’t mean the lowest member can’t celebrate the occasional win. A kill contributes to the team – even if that player often finds himself downed more often than not. Ultimately, someone has to be the lowest rung of the totem.

Of course, these players should probably avoid individual maps, as it will probably end a little worse. It’s also doubtful that they’ll ever really manage to manage a streak this way. But that’s what friends are for.

Takes up space

As video games have gotten more and more complex, they have also gotten bigger and bigger. It takes more of the hard drive to deliver consistently clean graphics, and slow technological improvements and larger maps mean it’s not always easy to compress a game the way it once was.

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That’s why it’s so funny to think of a Call of Duty game occupying the entire storage capacity of a console. Even for modern games, it’s a huge investment, which is why it shocked so many fans to hear how big games in the franchise have become.

Waiting for a new premise

There are basically two types of parameters in Call of Duty players see: Modern Warfare and World War II. Most of the best Call of Duty the games take place there, and the games keep coming back to one or the other without having any interest in branching out into different directions.

Given the number of fans eager to see something new, it makes sense that gamers would be disappointed to see more WWII games announced. Since the franchise has revisited the setting so many times, it’s really gotten a little stale over the years.

Can be repetitive

In the same vein, the franchise itself needs a certain degree of innovation. Concepts like Black Ops and modern warfare have been revisited enough that they are often no longer new or exciting. Instead, fans can easily sit back and bet on which year the next remake will be announced for.

While the graphics are constantly improving and the weapons and mechanics always see slight upgrades between each evolution of the franchise, the series really needs a new setting or purpose to keep it fresh. Otherwise, the games are just milking a hungry cow.

somewhat unrealistic

Realism is not necessarily everyone’s goal Call of Duty game, but it’s definitely something the series strives to do as much as possible. That’s why it’s so funny how inconsistent injuries can be on the show. After all, some games allow players to be hit multiple times by bullets, but a melee attack will take them out immediately.

It’s weird and confusing, but it makes sense mechanically. After all, a melee kill is much harder, so it needs to be rewarded in order to balance playstyles. Ultimately, it wouldn’t be fun for hands-on players if they couldn’t survive even a single close encounter.

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