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10 PlayStation Games That Deserve An Anime Adaptation

Sony is one of the main competitors in the video game industry. Exclusives have kept each iteration of the PlayStation the most popular consoles of their time, many of which are cinematic in nature, as if the player is playing a movie. Sony has pushed the boundaries of gaming time and time again, delivering powerful stories in many forms, as evidenced by titles such as The Last of Us, Spider-Man, God of the warand more.

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This would all transfer well into an anime medium. The best PlayStation games could flesh out their stories for an entirely new audience. There are even popular PlayStation titles that are already inspired by anime, just waiting to be adapted.

ten The Last of Us would be a refreshing anime for the zombie genre

Joel Miller and Ellie Williams in The Last of Us game

The last of us is one of PlayStation’s most famous games, garnering heaps of accolades, and for good reason. This modern classic delivers an emotional story through video game medium, with the added bonus of zombie combat. While HBO produces a The last of us show, an anime adaptation would offer a fresh perspective while amplifying the emotional weight of the story.

9 Ghost Of Tsushima Would Look Great In 2D

Ghost of Tsushima is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful games on the console. Delivering players into the world of a Japan of the past, there’s a lot to take from the game, from its lush and beautiful landscapes to the story itself.

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Many fans would be delighted to see a Ghost of Tsushima anime be produced, as the world of Japan could be amped up in the 2D realm, with cool and intense combat happening throughout the story. It would be especially nice if the anime told the director’s story.

8 Horizon Zero Dawn Reportedly Gives Anime Fans The Gift Of Robot Dinosaurs

Aloy fighting a robot in the game Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn delivered something that many game fans didn’t know they wanted: robot a post-apocalyptic game with robot dinosaurs and animals. The game’s story offers a refreshing take on the tried and true genre, with humans splitting into smaller tribal contingents, in a world populated by the aforementioned robotic creatures. It’s cool to see such advanced technology being used for survival and hunting. The story and world building would be interesting to see if the game was ever to be adapted into an anime in the future.

7 The Last of Us Part II can continue an already masterful story

Corn The Last of Us Part II had a lot of story controversy, most people accepted what happened and now consider it as great as the first one. Always delivering an interesting story with different points of view – telling the story not only from the perspective of the protagonist but also that of the antagonist – the player finds himself attaching himself to the enemy and guessing when he must face it.

The story of The Last of Us Part II would be great as an anime that continues from the first (potential adaptation) as it could continue to build the world while muddying the waters of who audiences should support.

6 Marvel’s Spider-Man Would Finally Give The Superhero The Anime He Deserves

Marvel's Spider-Man video game

Not only do most people consider Marvel’s Spiderman the best Spider Man game of all time, but one of the best Spider Man stories told outside of the comics. The game is cinematic and smooth to play, with a web that makes the player feel like Spider-Man.

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The story naturally lends itself to an anime, with a colorful cast of villains and plenty of action to adapt. The smooth animation of an anime would bring Spider-Man to life like never before, and Insomniac’s take on everyone’s favorite webhead is a perfect love letter to the entire franchise.

5 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Can Continue The Fun With The Original

2020 Spider-Man Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is equally deserving when it comes to adaptations. An anime focused specifically on Miles would be fun and refresh the standard Spider-Man experience with a new face for the hero. While Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Already fills that niche, that doesn’t mean Miles can’t thrive in a weekly anime where he can actively grow into the Spider-Man fans seen in the games.

4 Bloodborne Would Give Anime Fans Nightmares Galore

The hunter in a graveyard in Yharnam Bloodborne

transmitted by blood would make a great anime that would leave audiences horrified at the end of its run. While the game begins in a standard Victorian setting (with a few classic horrors), the story embraces a Lovecraftian mid-course turn that fundamentally changes the experience. An anime could even take the opportunity to strongly flesh out transmitted by bloods complex knowledge.

3 Demon’s Souls would offer even more scares and terror

Demon's Souls 2009 key art

Demon’s Souls was one of the first games developed by FromSoftware and a classic in every way. An anime could take advantage of the game’s apocalyptic setting and smaller scope by presenting itself as an intimate journey ala samurai jack. An action-packed anime visually focused on dialogue but dense in environmental storytelling is the perfect fit for Demon’s Souls.

2 God Of War Could Bring Norse Mythology To Anime

Kratos and Atreus admire the horizon in God of War

God of the war was one of the highlights of the PS4. Bringing Kratos back with an all-new look and an all-new story, many fans were thrilled to see the character return in a more personal narrative than ever before.

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Yet what makes this game interesting is that the player has a gun. God of the warThe plot would make for a beautiful anime, both visually and story-wise.

1 Persona 5 Royal can deliver the real experience

persona 5 royal phantom thieves

While personas 5 already has an anime, most fans didn’t hold it in high regard. Trying to cram dozens of hours of story into a twelve-episode run was a recipe for disaster. With Persona 5 Royal now the definitive experience, it’s time for the anime to follow suit. Audiences would be thrilled to see the new characters make an appearance alongside the heavier weight that was added to the story.

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