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10 scariest Game Boy games

As one of the most iconic tech devices of the 1990s and one of the best-selling consoles of all time, the Game Boy is an important part of video game history. Established in 1989, the handheld’s great durability, long battery life, and a large library of well-designed games kept the console relevant years after the release of the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance.

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But, while many games have been released over the years, there aren’t many Game Boy horror titles. Despite this, the 8-bit portable console offers a few horror games for any gamer who likes to scare in their video games.

ten Bubble ghost

A little ghost in the game Bubble Ghost

Originally released on Atari ST in 1987 and later ported to Game Boy in 1990, Bubble ghost is a puzzle game where the player controls an adorable 8-bit ghost that controls a bubble by blowing on it. The object of the game is to avoid popping the bubble as the player guides it through the many rooms of the haunted house to the exit. Each room has different traps that the player must learn to go through.

Although the game is based on a simple premise, it is still entertaining as the puzzles are interesting and the controls are not frustrating. The game gives the player a lot of lives and continues to end with a fun ending.

9 Beetlejuice: the horrible Hijinx from the other world!

A scene from the game Beetlejuice Horrific Hijinx from the Niworld!

Based on beetle juice animated series, Beetlejuice: the horrible Hijinx from the other world! is a 1992 action game where the player controls Beetlejuice as he tries to get rid of the ghosts in Deetz’s house and save Lydia Deetz from the evil Astoroth. Throughout the game, the player navigates through multiple levels, complete a few mini-games, and defeat unique bosses.

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Although the game does not have the best art style, the gameplay is interesting and varied. The minigames are actually enjoyable, and some level mechanics, such as using a minecart, set the game apart from other generic media-based titles.

8 Alien 3

Split image showing scene and cover from Alien 3 game

Another media-based title worth mentioning is Top-Down Survival Horror Shooter. Alien 3, the rare trio that is better than the original. After the release of the 1992 film, Acclaim Studios London released the video game on most of the major consoles of the time. While the graphics and music were good, the gameplay itself was as terrible as most licensed games. But, there was one version that Acclaim didn’t work on that actually has some intriguing gameplay, which is the 1993 Game Boy version by Bits Studios.

In this game, the player controls Ellen Ripley as she navigates the Fiorina 161. As what is possibly the only survival horror game on the Game Boy, the player has to manage their inventory, conserve their ammo. , solve puzzles and above all avoid aliens.

7 Megami Tensei Gaiden: Latest Bible

The cover of Megami Tensei Gaiden Last Bible

Megami Tensei Gaiden: Latest Bible, officially published in English under the name Apocalypse: the demon slayer, is a medieval fantasy RPG that is the first installment of the Latest Bible sub-series of the Shin megami tensei franchise. Since this game was created for a younger, more casual audience, it is not as intense or dark as the others. Shin megami tensei Games. But as with other titles in this franchise, the player must save the world from demons by fighting them and even recruiting some of them.

Although the game is quite light, it still retains the creepy demon designs and the idea of ​​using demons, which was still outrageous at the time. While the graphics are bland and the story is a bit straightforward, the gameplay is still fun and the music is great.

6 Castlevania: the adventure

Castlevania The Adventure Christopher Belmont faces off against a giant bat

Released in 1989, Castlevania: the adventure is an action platform game where the player controls Christopher Belmont, who is an ancestor of Simon Belmont, as he sets out on a quest to defeat Dracula. With only three lives and none continues, the player must complete four levels to complete the game.

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Given that the gameplay is frustrating and there is a lack of franchise staples such as certain items and enemies, the game itself has not aged well. But, it was released early in the Game Boy’s lifespan, which means it’s important for laying the groundwork for a better Castlevania game on the console. Also, the soundtrack is still excellent and that led to the remake. Castlevania: The Renaissance Adventure.

5 Dr Franken

Frankenstein seen in the game Dr. Franken

Released in 1992, Dr Franken is a challenging Metroidvania game where a Frankenstein monster named Franky explores a large mansion in order to find the missing body parts of his girlfriend named Bitsy. The mansion has several floors, many different enemies, and even a place where the player can restore their health.

While the game is absurdly difficult, it has a certain creepy vibe that makes it hard to let go, especially with the haunting 8-bit version of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata playing in the background. Also, there is a password feature if the player is really struggling to complete it.

4 Child Dracula

Child dracula art

While the comic platform game of 1993 Child Dracula is a simultaneous remake and sequel of an exclusive Japanese horror game Famicom, this Castlevania spin-off is a fun parody that can easily be played without ever touching the first game. The player controls Kid Dracula as he sets out on a journey to recover the spells he lost in order to defeat Garamoth and get his minions back.

Although this game is a parody, it should not be taken lightly. The gameplay is challenging, the level designs are interesting, and there is a wide variety of spells and enemies. With a cute art style, amazing soundtrack, good humor and surprising references to other games including Mario and Splash, this game is a hidden gem worth trying.

3 Gargoyle Quest: Ghosts and Goblins

Cover of Gargoyle's Quest with a smiling green gargoyle.

Released in 1990, Gargoyle Quest: Ghosts and Goblins is an action-adventure platform RPG and the first installment of this Ghosts and Goblins spinoff series that focuses on an enemy of the main games named Firebrand. In order to fulfill his destiny as the mythical Red Blaze, Firebrand must explore the realm of ghouls and strengthen his powers so that he can defeat the Destroyers and save the realm.

As a game released only a year after the console’s lifecycle began, The quest for the gargoyle went above and beyond other games released on the system and showed exactly what the console can do. The sprites were detailed, the game mechanics were unique, and the music was phenomenal. This innovative title paved the way for both Gargoyle Quest II on the NES and the scary Demon crest on the SNES, both of which are horror sequels that have also pushed the boundaries of their consoles with their graphic violence and gore.

2 Morteus

A young boy inside an empty room in the game Deadeus

Similar to the scary Genesis of the sacred lineage for the Sega Genesis, Morteus is a modern horror game designed for this old console. Created in 2019, this atmospheric adventure game follows an unnamed protagonist who has a weird dream about a scary monster saying everyone in the city will die in three days. Depending on the player’s actions in response to this dream, the player will get one of three endings.

This game, which can be played either using an emulator or using an original Game Boy, is truly an experience where player choices really matter. With a spooky premise and beautiful sprites, this game is a must have game, especially without spoilers.

1 Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge

Castlevania II Belmonts Vengeance.  Christopher Belmont standing in the shadow of Dracula

After Castlevania: the adventure lay the foundation for the franchise on this console, the 1991 action platformer game Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge was able to build on that foundation and become one of the best console games around. Taking place 15 years after the previous title, Christopher Belmont must once again embark on a quest to defeat Dracula after kidnapping his son Sun and turning him into a demon.

Compared to the previous entry, this game has more levels, better gameplay, and iconic items and enemies. In addition, it features improved graphics and an even better soundtrack, which improves the spooky places the player encounters, such as haunted castles and misty swamps.

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