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10 short board games you can play in 15 minutes or less

Tabletop games are a fantastic way for families and friends to get together, have fun, and have friendly competition around the table. Most games tend to take around 30-90 minutes, although some games can take much longer. However, there are some very fast-paced games that deliver a fast, punchy burst of energy.

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Short games are often quite innovative and surprising for players. It’s an impressive achievement on the part of the designers to have the feel of a complete game in such a short time. Lots of short games are great for clearing the palate between larger games or several times in a row as a main course for game night.

ten Illusion bends players’ minds

Illusion board game components in box and cover

In Illusion, a card is placed on the table and an arrow is placed next to it. The cards show strange patterns and shapes composed of 4 colors: green, yellow, red and blue. The arrow indicates what color the focus is for the turn. If a blue arrow is drawn, players must play cards and arrange them so that the card closest to the arrow has the least blue and the card furthest away has the most. The game leads players to question themselves and be surprised when they reveal how right or wrong everyone was.

9 Tenzi rolls dice fast and frantic

Tenzi Board Game and 77 Ways to Play Tenzi

Tenzi has very simple rules on its surface. Each turn, players roll 10 dice, keep a few, and re-roll the rest until all dice are the same. Each player does this at the same time, which makes each round intense.

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Tenzi increases tenfold when played with its expansion card, 77 ways to play Tenzi, which adds new rules, patterns for players to create, dice stacks, and more. The game can get pretty crazy and hectic, but players will come back for more as each round only lasts around 1 minute.

8 Fuse is the intensity of bomb defusing

Fuse board game played on the table

In Fuse, all players work together to try to defuse a bomb before it explodes. The game takes 10 minutes; Players can simply set a timer or use a companion app that has intense background music and classic ticking time bomb movie sounds. Each player has cards in front of them with certain objectives, such as two dice with the same number or 3 blue dice. Players randomly draw dice from a bag and must distribute them as best they can among all players to help everyone achieve their goals.

seven Keyforge revolutionizes card collecting

Keyforge Board Game Trading Card Game Displayed Cards

There are many popular collectible card games like Pokemon Where Magic: The Gathering. These games tend to follow the pattern of buying random packs and hoping the best or rarest cards are used in a game. Black-smith throws all that out the window by having random decks that cannot be changed or modified in any way. The company behind the game, Fantasy Flight, uses an algorithm to randomly determine which cards are in a deck. No two decks are the same, creating a new experience and playstyle with every deck. .

6 Micro Macro: Crime City is where Waldo from board games is

Micro Macro Crime City board game played on the table

Micro macro: the city of crime is a very unique game unlike anything else. In the game, players work together to solve crimes that have happened on a giant fold-out paper map. Micro macro: the city of crime comes with several cases to play and each of them takes less than 15 minutes. The map depicts an entire city full of new stories to uncover as players follow characters and suspects to see what they’ve been up to throughout the day. Players everywhere continue to rave about this interesting and original game.

5 The love letter is romantic and bluffing

Love Letter Board Game Bag Cards and Components

Love letter became one of the most successful games in the field of board games. In the game, players have a random character card in front of them which is kept secret from all other players.

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Each turn, a player draws an additional card and chooses which card to keep and which to play for their ability. While Love letterplayers will try to bluff and lie about the character card they currently own, which will lead to some very tense and exciting times. Love letter went on to spawn several sequels and spin-offs.

4 Timeline teaches history in a fun way

Timeline of board game cards on the table

Chronology is a deck consisting only of cards depicting a historical event on one side and the year in which it occurred on the other side. Each event can range from something as big as The Moon Landing to something as innocuous as Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again.” At the beginning of Chronology, a card is turned over to indicate the year. Players are each randomly given 4 cards and they must try to play the cards correctly in the timeline, end, start, or somewhere in the middle.

3 Coup allows players to lie from the start of the game

Board game cards blow on table

In Cut, each player receives 2 cards that represent a character and an ability that character can perform. On a player’s turn, however, they can pretend to have one of the game’s 5 characters and perform that character’s ability. Any player can accuse another of lying, stating that they don’t have that character. If a player’s accusation is correct, the accused loses a card. If a player’s accusation is incorrect, the accuser loses a card. The last player standing wins the game.

2 The sale is a quick auction

For sale boxed board game components on the table

For sale offers players a quick and easy two-round betting game. In the first round, players will wager money on property cards with different numbers. In the second round, players use the properties they own to bid on money cards.

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At the end of For salethe player with the most money from the cards and the money remaining from the first round, is the winner. For sale is very easy to teach and quick to play, but still provides a good amount of strategy and planning for players.

1 The Crew turns a simple card game into a space adventure

The Crew board game components in the box

Trick games were thought to have fallen out of favor over the years, attracting trick fans, but rarely reaching a wider audience. The crew shattered expectations as the game continues to sell very well and appeared in big box stores like Target. In The crew, all players work together to try to play the cards in a certain order. The catch is that players have a limited way of communicating the cards they have in hand to each other. The crew goes beyond that, offering 50 different missions built around an entire campaign.

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