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10 Things Fans Should Know About The Mickey Rourke Movie, The Wrestler

When it comes to movies about the professional wrestling business, there aren’t many that fans can enjoy the same way audiences in other sports can. However, The wrestlerwhich starred Mickey Rourke as the title character changed all that, bringing together an incredible story and jaw-dropping performances.

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People know a lot about the overall story of the movie itself due to its popularity among wrestling fans, however, there are other details that many people might not know. Whether straight from the movie or other aspects that flow from it, this iconic story contains plenty of interesting facts that showed the tough undersides of the business, not the glitz and glamor of a major promotion like WWE.


10/10 Mickey Rourke’s first Oscar nomination

Mickey Rourke is an iconic actor who has starred in many great movies throughout his career, but it wasn’t until he landed the lead role in The wrestler that he was nominated for an Oscar. The Academy saw something in his performance as Randy The Ram that connected, earning him big applause.

Although he ultimately didn’t win Best Actor at the Oscars, he did win Best Actor in the Drama category at the Golden Globes, which was a major achievement for him as an actor.

9/10 WrestleMania match drawn

The Oscar nomination was a big moment for Mickey Rourke as an actor, but it had a negative impact on some WrestleMania plans that Vince McMahon had put in place. Originally to promote the film, Rourke was going to compete in a singles match against Chris Jericho at Wrestle Mania 25but the Oscars put an end to that.

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Rourke’s team felt that being involved in professional wrestling would have detracted from the serious performance he had put on, and the decision was made to remove him from the contest, which led to Jericho facing legends with Rourke. at ringside.

8/10 Ring training

If the scheduled match between Mickey Rourke and Chris Jericho had happened, chances are the actor could have had an impressive exit. This is because he underwent legitimate wrestling training as part of the process of being involved in The wrestler.

He had the good fortune to work with Afa Anoa’i of the Wild Samoans, Jon Trosky (aka Supreme Lee Great) and Tom Farra, which helped him develop the skills needed for the in-ring work that took place during the film.

7/10 ROH connection

The wrestler was never tied to a major promotion such as WWE or TNA, but there was a small connection to Ring Of Honor at the time, which made sense given the level at which Mickey Rourke’s character worked at this point in the film.

Some of the scenes in the movie were recorded during an ROH show, and that’s why the promo branding can be seen at times. Rourke’s character is holding an ROH microphone and banners can be seen around the building which allowed them to hook up a bit.

6/10 Cameo appearances

Any movie called The wrestler is bound to have fan expectations for cameo appearances from those in the business, and it didn’t disappoint. Some are obvious because they have a few lines, and others are less clear because they are only displayed in the background.

There are plenty of legitimate wrestlers who end up making it into this movie though, from R-Truth and Claudio Castagnoli to Jay Lethal and Nigel McGuinness, there are plenty of cameos for fans to keep their eyes peeled for.

5/10 Blade

At some point in The wrestler, Mickey Rourke’s character ends up being open, which is done to add drama to the film and show another side of the wrestling industry. Since this is a Hollywood movie, it would have been easy to use makeup to help improve this.

However, this was not the case as Rourke wanted things to be more realistic and concrete. Because of this, he took the old-school wrestling approach and ended up fighting during the scene to get a legit flush on his own.

4/10 Hulk Hogan’s Claims

Because so many wrestlers are now involved in the movie industry, if this movie was made in the present day, there’s a good chance someone with legitimate experience in the business would take on the lead role. However, at that time, wrestlers had not burst into the world of Hollywood.

However, Hulk Hogan has previously claimed that he was offered the lead role in this movie, and he ended up turning it down. The project director disputed these statements, but Hogan himself claims that he was offered it.

3/10 Rourke’s Original Feelings

Taking on this role is something that ended up being a great move for Mickey Rourke, but at first he was a bit cautious before getting involved in this movie. He initially didn’t connect with the storyline and felt he wasn’t really grounded in the wrestling world.

Because of this, he worked alongside the director and ended up reworking many aspects of the script as a whole, mostly for the scenes that involved him, as he tweaked things to work better for him. -same.

2/10 Applause from the wrestlers

Although fans have certain opinions about the wrestling industry and know the product, no one knows the business better than those who have been in it themselves. That’s why hearing their thoughts on the movie was an important aspect for fans to understand.

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Many greats loved this story, with Vince McMahon, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair and Mick Foley being just a few industry legends who loved the film.

1/10 Original plans

Mickey Rourke is best associated with The wrestler at this point in his life, the film being considered his greatest work as an actor. However, while he was still the number one person the director wanted to play the role, at this time the studio was pushing for another man.

It was Nicolas Cage, who is another highly regarded actor who has built an incredible career in his own right, was considered because the studio wanted him to take on the lead role, but that didn’t end up happening.