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10 Unpopular Opinions About The New Pixar Movie, According To Reddit

toy story spin off Light year just hit theaters, and compared to the usual glowing reception to Pixar films, the film received a polarizing response. Although the film looks spectacular and is another achievement in animation, it has been criticized for its less than amazing story and lack of color scheme.

This has led to some lopsided thoughts on the recently released sci-fi adventure, but Redditors have some seriously warm views. From movie having no redeeming qualities to best Pixar movie in five years, the mid-level Pixar movie has audiences divided.

Andy has bad taste in movies

Buzz showing his shoe with Andy's name on it.

To put it as politely as possible, Popejushual notes that Light year just isn’t a good movie. The Redditor explains, “Andy has really bad taste in movies…” At the start of the new movie, a block of text convolutedly explains that Light year is a 1990s movie that Buzz Lightyear’s toy is based on and that it’s Andy’s favorite movie.


In all fairness, while Light year isn’t a bad movie, it’s hard to believe that Lightyear is a six-year-old’s favorite movie. Buzz’s design, and even Zurg’s for that matter, is much duller and mindless compared to Andy’s toy designs. One of the most glaring omissions is Zurg’s cape. However, Buzz is different from his toy story character in this Light year shows him with many more weapons.

It wasn’t as good as the Direct-To-Video movie

Star Command's Buzz Lightyear

In 2000, the straight-to-video spin-off film, Star Command’s Buzz Lightyear: The Adventure Begins, came out to modest fanfare. The movie still has a pocket of fans, including Dev1359, who think it’s way better than Light year. The Redditor notes, “I was expecting an epic galactic adventure similar to these stories and this wasn’t it.”

Surprisingly, the new film bears many similarities to the direct-to-video film and its spin-off series in terms of character arc. At a time Light year and star command, Buzz is selfishly determined to accomplish everything on his own until a group of outcasts encourage him to become more of a team player. And while the film’s premise isn’t all that epic, its portrayal of space and animation is hugely ambitious.

It’s the best Pixar movie since Coco.

Miquel in the Land of the Dead

Fans can count on Pixar to create awe-inspiring and heartbreaking animated films, but if Light year received decent reviews, it wasn’t as well-regarded as other films from the beloved studio. However, FeelTheBernerd is such a big fan of the new sci-fi film that he prefers it over most of the studio’s recent work, believing it to be Pixar’s best film in five years.

The Redditor says, “I love Disney/Pixar/Sci-Fi so maybe I’m a little biased, but in my opinion this is the best Pixar movie since. coconutHowever, in those five years the studio has released some of its best work, including toy story 4, Incredibles 2and Soulincluding two Pixar films that won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

It wasn’t 90s enough

Chris Evans is Lightyear

Although the film fast forwards decades into the future, it is initially set in the 90s and in the 2000s universe it was also released in the 90s. But JuniorCaptain observes that the film is not enough of the 90s. The Redditor posits, “It didn’t seem very 90s, except for a moment or two. The hair and the clothes, the humor and the story were all very contemporary.”

The film could have taken the same path as Captain Marvel, which was set in the 90s and was full of pop culture references from the decade and an impressive grunge soundtrack. However, Light year has some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it references, like Buzz blowing a cartridge when it’s not working, something 90s kids know all too well when it comes to the SEGA Genesis.

Kids wouldn’t want to own a buzz toy after watching Lightyear

Chris Evans in Lightyear

Since the Buzz Lightyear toy is based on Light year in the toy story universe, it raised a lot of skepticism among viewers, especially Lymeguy. The Redditor asks rhetorically, “Would this movie really have inspired a child to love Buzz? Compared to the vibrant and colorful depiction of Buzz in the toy story movies.”

In all honesty, the movie’s most interesting characters raise the question of why Andy doesn’t own Sox, the robot cat who was Light yearis MVP. Any kid who saw this movie in 1995 would have unequivocally begged their parents for an interactive Furby-style Sox.

The fake-out was disappointing

Lightyear Zürg

DisneyDreams7 was disappointed with the film’s final act and its big twist, saying, “The real Zurg should have been the villain of this movie, not this fake one. Makes the character so uninteresting to tease.” It’s not so much an unpopular opinion, but it’s far from being a popular opinion either. The twist of Zurg being an older version of Buzz from the future has split fans into two camps. Some think it’s genius and others think it’s silly, but many have speculated that there is a real Zurg, who could be the villain of the sequel.

The fake-out recalls the fake Mandarin in iron man 3but the real Mandarin featured in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsso it’s easy to imagine a similar thing happening in the Light year series. Either way, it led to an ingenious origin story behind Zurg’s name.

Tim Allen should have voiced older Buzz

Paultheschmoop has an interesting idea that is ultimately wrong. The Redditor posits, “I’m nowhere near a Tim Allen fan but I can’t help but feel like they missed a great opportunity to get him to voice older Buzz.” The director, Angus MacLane, thinks that Light year wouldn’t have worked with Tim Allen because Allen’s portrayal of the character is too comedic, and the more serious parts of the movie wouldn’t be sincere.

Not only that, but having the voice of Allen Old Buzz would have been even more problematic, as it would have caused so much confusion that the toy was specifically based on that version of Buzz. It would have retroactively ruined many fans’ perception of the toy story Buzz, knowing that he’s actually based on a villain.

There shouldn’t be any sequel

Chris Evans in Lightyear

When debating the idea of ​​a sequel and the open-ended nature of the final streak, SwimBrief complained, “Oh fuck, I don’t need some kind of bigger epic story series out of this mediocrity. .”

However, there are limitless possibilities of where the series could go even outside of the idea of ​​the real Zurg. And just because one movie in a series wasn’t amazing doesn’t mean a follow-up can’t be. This happened in the Thor series, with Bumblebee in the Transformers frankness, and so many other times. Light year 2 could be a fantastic space odyssey, and who doesn’t want to see more of the Sox?

Evans wasn’t great like Buzz

Chris Evans in Lightyear

Some toy story fans were skeptical about Light year when they learned that Tim Allen was not reprising the role. However, along with the photorealistic animation, Chris Evans’ performance in the film was the most appreciated.

But not everyone is satisfied, and Janus_Prospero thinks the Captain America the actor is worse than Allen. The Redditor argues, “Tim Allen is a better Buzz Lightyear. Even Patrick Warburton is probably a better Buzz in terms of engagement and fun.”

The acolytes were too stupid

Lightyear Crew

Tythousand takes issue with the supporting characters, saying Buzz was right to try to go it alone. The Redditor claims that “The Sidekicks were so dumb it completely undermined the film’s ‘everyone needs help’ message. No one needs help from dangerously incompetent people.”

While Mo Morrison’s running pen gag got a little too tedious and was clearly only there to foreshadow the use of the pen, the supporting characters aren’t too different from the sidekicks in other Pixar movies. Rex in toy story is just as incompetent as Mo, and Mater in Cars is just as dangerous as Darby Steel.

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