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10 Video Game Creatures Based On Movie Monsters

There are a nearly endless amount of creatures in the ever-expanding world of video games, from the terrifying abominations that plague the survival horror genre to alien creatures from beyond the stars in sci-fi series like Mass. Effect and Halo and even adorable collectibles. monsters such as those featured in Pokemon and Digimon.

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While the sources of inspiration for these creatures come from all forms of media, some are heavily inspired by those who came before them. Movie monsters themselves have inspired creatures in video games since at least the early 1980s and continue to inspire them to this day.

ten Maneater was inspired by Jaws (and other shark movies)

jaws inspired maneater

One of the most obvious examples of video game creatures inspired by movie monsters is the shark in Maneater, which was inspired by Jaws, and more specifically, the 2006 PlayStation 2 game Jaws Unleashed. Maneater even roars similarly to Jaws, even though actual sharks aren’t capable of doing so.

The Truth Quest DLC for Maneater appears to be inspired by the various Shark and Versus films made by The Asylum, with a secret experimental site leaking radioactive chemicals, predators, including the shark itself, gaining various abilities due to of the mutation, and a mosasaur as the final. chief.


9 Vortexes were inspired by xenomorphs

vortices were inspired by xenomorphs

Many video game creatures have been heavily inspired by the Xenomorphs of the Alien franchise, from the titular alien species of Metroid to the enemies of Contra and more. A species of Xenomorph-inspired video game aliens that isn’t discussed as much is the Vortex from the Ecco the Dolphin series.

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Like their inspiration, the vortexes have a hive with drones and warrior drones led by a singular queen. The warrior drones, in particular, look nearly identical to their inspiration, with the same head, torso, and claws as the Xenomorphs. Maybe Ellen Ripley can give Ecco some pointers if he ever comes back.

8 The subjects were inspired by the Yautja

subject inspired by predators

Despite their status similar to that of a famous 1980s sci-fi movie monster, the Yautja, or the alien race from the Predator franchise, don’t seem to have as many video game creatures inspired by them compared to the Xenomorphs. . There are still a handful, including the Prone from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The Yautja and Prone are warrior alien races, made up of different clans, have mandible-like mouths, and wear similar armor when going into battle. Luckily, the Prone, or at least the Tree Clan, are willing to ally with other races in the face of a threat they know they can’t defeat alone.

seven Demetri Maximoff was inspired by Dracula

Dracula inspired Demetri Maximoff

Dracula was first introduced in Bram Stoker’s novel of the same name, but the anti-hero protagonist of the Darkstalkers series is likely based on the 1931 film version of the character.

Common traits between vampires include, but are not limited to: living in a castle with servants, sleeping in a coffin to recuperate, and having an aversion to sunlight. However, Dracula was never sent to another dimension by an outside force alongside other universal horror monsters in order to fight against them. Demetri’s Midnight Bliss attack can also turn male opponents into female versions of themselves.

6 Kermonster was inspired by Frankenstein

kermonster frankenstein

Muppet Monster Adventure features several well-known Muppet characters that have been turned into universal horror monster-like creatures and could fill half of this list, but that would be less interesting. Chief among them all is Kermonster, or the Muppets’ mascot and spokesperson, Kermit the Frog, transformed into a Frankenstein-like monster.

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Interestingly, Kermit wasn’t turned into something closer to Gill-man from Creature From The Black Lagoon due to his swampy origins, but that position was instead taken by Clifford, a popular Muppet in the time, due to being the host of the TV show Muppets Tonight.

5 VERN was inspired by Gremlins

vern was inspired by gremlins

Rampage has a wide variety of giant monsters, which are either inspired by other sources or original characters. The character VERN, who first appeared as a form of power-up for any Rampage World Tour character and later became a playable character in the Nintendo Wii version of Rampage Total Destruction, was inspired by the titular creatures from the 1984 film Gremlins.

In Rampage World Tour, any other monster will temporarily become VERN after ingesting purple toxic waste, granting them flight, increased damage, the ability to shoot fireballs, and death invulnerability. In Total Destruction, VERN is immune to radiation.

4 Abhorrent Beast was inspired by The Wolfman

wolfman inspired bloodborne heinous beast

Bloodborne has many different horror elements and inspirations across its world, with cosmic horror being the basis for quite a few enemies and bosses. However, the abhorrent beast is based more on traditional horror and more akin to The Wolfman. The player may first encounter the Heinous Beast if they attack the Afflicted Beggar, an NPC who is relatively harmless otherwise.

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If the player tells him to go to the Chapel of Oedon, he will be there, but the other NPCs there will start disappearing one by one until he is the last one left. He then leaves if he is not killed.

3 Preytor was inspired by The Deadly Mantis and them!

the deadly mantis and their inspired prey

All characters in War of the Monsters are based on the giant monsters that frequently appeared in a number of 1950s science fiction films. Preytor, the giant praying mantis and the only female monster in the game, is based on the creature holder of The Deadly Mantis, though they have different origins.

Preytor also has an alternate costume that makes her look more like an ant, and before a boss fight in the single-player campaign, the player fights against a colony of them, similar to the colony of giant ants featured in science- fiction from 1954. fi film them!

2 The Zilla were inspired by Godzilla

godzilla inspired zilla

While Monster Rancher 2’s Zilla race bears no resemblance to the King of the Monsters, it is based on the pun of its name. The name Gojira is a combination of the English word Gorilla and Kujira, the Japanese word for whale.

Zilla takes this literally, being Whale Ape hybrids. The name Zilla is also used for the reimagined version of Godzilla from the 1997 Tristar Pictures film of the same name after the rights to the fish-loving monster were acquired by Toho in 2004, although this was five years after the original release of Monster Rancher 2.

1 Rhydon was inspired by the Kaiju film genre

rhydon's original sprite and artwork

The first Pokemon ever created was Rhydon, but it didn’t always look like a rhinoceros, as Rhydon was originally based on the concept of Kaiju, the various monsters featured in the Japanese film genre of the same name.

Rhydon may just be one Pokemon, but the franchise as a whole owes its existence in part to the kaiju genre. Due to its original influences and older designs including but not limited to Rhydon, it seems that large Pokemon were inevitable and were eventually released due to the inclusion of Totem Pokemon, Dynamax, Gigantamax and Alpha Pokemon.

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