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11 fascinating documentaries you may have missed


A low-key Scrabble documentary, but very interesting indeed. It all turns into a Scrabble convention, where contestants compete against each other to win the competition, and the intensity of the competition easily matches countless sports movies you could shoot. It’s not a perfect documentary (and it ultimately wraps around a conventional structure), but it contains a lot of good times and never had the importance of learning so many seven or eight letter words. with a little gravity. Plus: Some of the scores the characters in the movie got would be enough to ruin our annual game of Scrabble every Christmas.

Where to get it: DVD Region 1 and 2


A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant film, and following the sport of wheelchair rugby, also known as the title killball. This is also for good reason, as the competition is fierce and the games themselves border on brutal. What is also interesting Murder ball is that, although he asks a question or two about the competitor’s stories, it is the sport that interests him, and the savage rivalry when a coach “fails” on the other side is very, very clear. It is also the only film on this list to be nominated for the Oscar for best documentary. He lost against the March from bloody Penguins.

Where to get it: DVD Region 1 and 2


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