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16 best games of 2021

AAs we move deeper into the next generation of console games and developers start to focus more on new hardware, the technical and visual quality of the games we get is going to improve drastically in the years to come – it there is no better example than the recent one The matrix awakens UE technology demo, which turned out to be an absolute dazzling. But even if we are not enough At this point again, 2021 has yet given us a number of games that have visually wowed us. Here we’ll talk about which ones stood out the most, before picking an ultimate winner from this group.

NOTE: The nominees and winner were decided by an internal vote organized by all GamingBolt staff.



It is still a little difficult to understand the fact that Ascension was produced by a team of ten people. It’s a game that hits well above what you would expect from more than one title, and that includes the visuals. Its cyberpunk setting comes to life with stunning graphics that impress both technically and artistically.


Ratchet and Clank games have been the poster child of games that look like CG movies playable for about as long as they’ve been around, and with Rift apart, the series has reached entirely new heights. From the magnificent environments you find yourself in to the vibrant artistic style that characterizes them, from the brilliant models for the characters and enemies to the details crammed into their animations, this is a game that never ceases to impress on a visual front until the very end.


The way

The way was a flawed game, to say the least, but the one aspect of the experience that didn’t disappoint in the slightest were its visuals. Described as Bloober’s most ambitious game to date, it lived up to that bill. Its dual reality mechanism was a sight to behold, and witnessing these two worlds rendered onscreen simultaneously, and in so much detail and with the kind of crispness they presented, was truly an amazing experience.


It takes two

Josef Fares and his team at Hazelight produced one of the best games of 2021 with It takes two, providing an experience that is successful in almost anything she sets out to do, which, of course, includes her appearance. It’s not the most technically impressive game you’ll ever play (although it’s no slouch either), but where it really does succeed, it’s consistently creative with its artistic design. By its very nature, this is a game defined by relentless variety, and its visuals never fail to do justice to that constant momentum.


infinite luminous memory

Light memory: infinite made a huge impression on everyone when it was first unveiled last year, and it’s fair to say that the game itself ended up living up to expectations, especially when it comes to its graphics. There aren’t many games released this year that can compete with this one in terms of technicalities, and the fact that it was made largely by one person makes its accomplishments even more impressive. .


guardians of the galaxy

Many people have written off Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy even before its launch, but luckily the game ended up proving that many of its skeptics were wrong. Visually, it was absolutely stunning, and the very different looks and artistic styles of the many places you visit throughout this galactic adventure gave an incredible personality to the whole experience. It’s also worth mentioning the character models and excellent facial animations, which just might be some of the best we’ve seen in a game so far.


Little Nightmares 2_06

The unique aesthetic of the original Little nightmares is, in a nutshell, timeless, so a suite built on those foundations was always a visual treat. little nightmares 2 certainly didn’t disappoint on that front – in fact, it may very well have exceeded expectations. The greater scope and scale of the story and the whole adventure meant that the game consistently delivered stunning vistas and vivid sights that have marked us so far, while the lighting was also on. outstanding in a number of areas (remember the hospital?). And of course, the grotesque monstrosities you come across throughout the experience also deserve special praise for their visual design.


Monster Hunter Rise - Magnamalo

Being a game built natively for the technically inferior Switch, Monster hunter rise was never going to be the most technically successful game of the year, and it was unlikely to be as good as Monster hunter world and Ice do. But seen in a vacuum, it’s still a great game. The detailed monster models for the monsters, the always surprising and delightful ways they come to life, the beautiful and varied environments on its maps – there’s a lot to love here for those looking for eye candy.


Kena Spirit Bridge

Since its first broadcast in 2020, Kena: Bridge of Spirits had promised a visual treat, among other things, and luckily the game did not disappoint. Developer Ember Lab has had a lot of experience with animation in the past, and it showed in spades in Kena, featuring Pixar-esque animations and a stunning artistic design that has never failed to impress. And then there’s the game world itself, which looks stunning from the first second to the last.

F1 2021

Sports sims rely more on high production values ​​and solid visuals than any other genre of games, so it’s no surprise that Codemasters’ annual F1 the series, as the best of the best this genre has to offer on an annual basis, also stands out in this category. A closer inspection can surely reveal defects with some aspects of F1 2021 visuals, but when it’s firing on all cylinders and you’re racing along perfectly designed tracks, the game is incredibly beautiful.


resident evil village

To date, Capcom has shown time and again that it can do some really amazing things with the RE engine, and Resident Evil, appropriately enough, has benefited greatly from the developer’s switch to this engine. Resident Evil Village is yet another feather in the series cap. The titular village is truly a sight to see, and whether you are walking through its snow-capped hills or wandering through its dimly lit caves, weaving through the golden corridors of Lady D’s castle or making your way through Across the Tank, it’s a game that continues to set the standard for great visuals from its first second to its very last.


forza horizon 5

Playground Games has been offering visually stunning open world games on a regular basis for a decade at this point, and with each new entry, the Forza Horizon the games look better and better. Forza Horizon 5 continues that trend and delivers one of the best runners we’ve ever played. The open world of Mexico City is diverse and full of detail, the vehicles are beautiful, the lighting is breathtaking – we can go on and on about the quality of the game. No amount of praise is enough.



Return is Housemarque’s very first 3D game, but you wouldn’t know it just by watching it, as the excellent technique shown here suggests that this is a developer who has been doing this for as long as it has been around. Atropos’ spooky and decrepit environments are beautiful to see, with the excellent artistic design backed by equally impressive art, and the bright and chaotic action of bullet hell remains a highlight of the viewing experience, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the Game.


Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has unfortunately been a bit of a disappointment (to say the least) in more ways than one, and it’s going to take some time for DICE to bring the game to the level they promised it would be. But at least when it comes to its graphics, the game is a shameless winner. This is of course an area in which DICE has excelled without fail for a long time, and although Battlefield 2042 is riddled with a lot of technical issues, it at least always looks excellent.


Guilty Gear Strive - Goldlewis

Arc System Works has a knack for building incredible fighters who excel not only mechanically but visually as well. Dragon ball fighterz was a perfect example when it was first released, and in 2021, Guilty Gear came and even passed that. It’s a game that’s consistently beautiful to watch, from the great effects that add so much weight to the on-screen action to the gorgeous stage backgrounds, brilliant character models and their animations to so much more.


Tales of the Ascension

Tales of the Ascension is clearly the biggest budget production of the series to date, and it shows consistently throughout the experience. Technically it’s obviously still not on the same level as something like, say, Final Fantasy 7 remake, but taken as a whole, this is an amazing visual set. As you move from one beautiful location to another, it’s hard not to marvel at the consistently excellent artistic design, which works wonders in bringing the varied and vibrant world of the game to life. some of the finest JRPGs in recent memory wouldn’t be overkill at all.



forza horizon 5

Honestly, it was an obvious choice, even compared to the multitude of visual stunners he faced, which should really tell you how Forza Horizon 5 looks. Technically, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful games ever made, and the details it showcases in everything from its many vehicles to the environments you race in never lose their shine. And there’s so much more to enjoy here too – the excellent weather effects, the impressive draw distances, the incredible visual variety of the world across its many biomes, the rock-solid performance that it consistently maintains without fail. . Forza Horizon 5 is a perfect example of what games can achieve when technical excellence and creative excellence come together without making any compromises.

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