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20 Most Underrated Superhero Games Of All Time

Stylistically inspired by the Golden Age of comics, this 2002 video game was released to widespread critical acclaim and disappointing sales. Years later, it remains arguably the best “original” superhero video game of all time.

force of freedom Tasks you with guiding a variety of nostalgia-inspired superheroes through several dangerous missions. Its strategy gameplay might be a bit too slow and complicated for some, but the good vibes of this game will remind you why you once dreamed of becoming a superhero. While this game doesn’t get the proper re-release or remaster it deserves, it’s one of those retro titles worth getting (slightly) out of your way.

11.​​ Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC

Whereas web of shadows‘ gameplay is a bit rough around the edges, it’s how this game uses a symbiote invasion as the basis for a surprisingly dark Spider-Man story that helps it stand out.

Throughout this game, you’ll be forced to make tough decisions that will help determine your reputation. While sometimes whimsical, these choices underline just how difficult it is to be Spider-Man. They also affect game events in both big and small ways. Whereas web of shadows really needed to lean a little more into its more daring ideas, this project was a few refinements away from being an undisputed classic.

batman begins

10. Batman Begins

PlayStation2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox