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31 technological news to start the morning informed of the latest


Every day something big or interesting is happening in the tech world. Find out with this pick of the best news from the past 24 hours.

Intel presented its new 12th generation Intel Core Alder Lake processors, with a revolutionary hybrid architecture. They also create DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 memory.

Do you have the habit of put family and friends in WhatsApp groups, without asking their permission? Be careful because now you can fall up to 4,000 euros fine

The legendary photo editor Adobe photoshop It is now available in web format, accessible from any device.

Technology news

Photoshop can now be used in the web version from any device. Read the news

WhatsApp is removing support for Android mobiles that use this version of the system. Read the news

Don’t sting! This is how the new scam that masquerades as Mercadona works. Read the news

Be careful! 4,000 euros fine for adding someone to a WhatsApp group without their permission. Read the news

The worries of sellers are increasing over Christmas due to the lack of products. Read the news

Mobile phones

The Honor 50 Lite is a reality and here are its specifications: 64 Mpx, Snapdragon 662 and fast charging of 66W. Read the news

The new Oppo A56 and A54 arrive to continue powering the brand’s mid-range. Read the news

This impressive video result is what a Pixel 6 Pro mounted on a drone achieves. Read the news

The transfer of WhatsApp history between iOS and Android is spreading to more mobiles. Read the news

Computers and tablets

If you’ve booked the 2021 MacBook Pro, we’ve got some pretty bad news for you. Read the news

Intel Introduces Most Powerful 12th Generation Alder Lake Intel Core Processors Ever, With DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 Memory. Read the news

The Complete Guide to Dropbox in 2021: Storage, Free Password Manager, and more. Read the report

Way of life

So you can make homemade toothpaste with just two ingredients, according to a doctor. Read the news

7 healthy Halloween treats for the little ones and the little ones at home. Read the news

Tips and tricks for washing your sheets easily and cleaning them. Read the news

The OCU positions itself in front of the controversial use of Nutriscore. Read the news

Leisure and games

The Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E 75 and 55 inch are the new premium TVs from Xiaomi and are available in Spain. Read the news

New to HBO Max? With these products you can watch their movies and series on any TV. Read the news

Get 50% discount on HBO Max Spain monthly subscription forever. Until November 30th only.

All the news coming to Netflix in November and what’s the highlight. Read the news

Netflix deliberately hid one of its movies from recommendations and searches. Read the news


The electric Zeekr 001 will be a reality: it begins production in China. Read the news

How the Civil Guard reconstructs an accident: the technology behind ERAT. Read the news

The Civil Guard warns him again: do not wear an anti-fine shirt. Read the news

This is the meme type trick behind the latest version of Android Auto. Read the news

How is the Ford E-Transit electric van: range, power and other data. Read the news


The largest neighborhood of 3D printed homes in the world. Read the news

The future of piano concerts, independent and remote playback in real-time streaming. Read the news

SpaceX and Elon Musk’s spacecraft will travel to Mars. Read the news

The Earth tilted 84 million years ago – that’s how they discovered it. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

He gets lost in the mountains and surprisingly refuses to take his cell phone to help. Read the news

In Colombia, children have to cross a 200-meter-high ravine suspended from a cable to get to school. Read the news

This was the summary of the technical news of the day. Good day!


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