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5 Best Android Games Like Free Fire in May 2022

Free Fire is one of the most popular Android mobile games in the world. Belonging to the Battle Royale genre, Garena’s flagship title has an immense number of players, content creators and streamers all over the world.

Unfortunately, since the battle royale title is banned in India, players can no longer enjoy it. Instead, those with good Android devices opted for the enhanced version of the game, FF MAX. Players with moderate Android devices can check out the following list of games that can be considered as a suitable alternative.

Top 5 Android Games Similar to Free Fire

1) MaskGun: FPS shooting games

Similar to Free Fire, the game features different characters with special abilities that players can use. The FPS (First Person Shooter) PvP (Player vs. Player) game also features an exciting 1v1 mode that will remind players of the Factory Challenge.

MaskGun offers a wide range of weapons that players can use. There are over forty different weapon customizations they can use to enhance their weapon’s performance.

2) Blood Rival – Survival Battleground FPS Shooter

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Even though Blood Rivals is more realistic than Free Fire, gamers will still enjoy the title because of its gameplay. The game can be played online and offline.

From machine guns to sniper rifles, players will have enough weapons to eradicate their enemies. Team Deathmatch can have up to a maximum of twelve players in teams of six, competing in an intense match that lasts around five minutes.

3) Fire Force: Shooting Survival

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Players can use special abilities to defeat enemies in Fire Force, similar to what they did in Free Fire. The game features several battle modes that players can participate in.

The game provides players with the ability to play even when they don’t have an internet connection. Players can also use vehicles such as hoverboards, cars, transporters, etc. to move around the map.

4) ScarFall: The Royal Battle

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The Indian-made Battle Royale game can easily be an alternative to the classic Garena due to its low device requirements. The game can be played in first person as well as third person.

The game has a unique feature that gives players a chance to survive three times before being permanently eliminated by their enemies. ScarFall also allows players to participate in exciting challenges and rewards them for completing them.

5) FOG – MOBA Battle Royale Game

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FOG is a combination of MOBA (Massively Online Battle Arena), battle royale and role-playing games. Just like Free Fire, matches in this game last for a short time.

Players can only use medieval weapons to defeat their enemies in the game, and there can be a maximum of 30 players in a match. The title has a 4.2 star rating and over a million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Warning: This list is in no particular order and reflects the opinion of the author only.

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