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5 interesting backtracking games (and 5 where it’s boring)

Backtracking is one of those methods developers use to allow players to explore all of the maps, be able to reuse resources, and try to add a layer of complexity where there isn’t any. not had otherwise.

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Unfortunately, this means that turning back is sometimes forced and is more annoying than not. Those who do it well make it feel like looking back is part of the story and maintains the feeling of progress. Those who do it badly make it such a painful task that players just want to quickly travel just past exploration points.

ten Interesting: Metroid Dread Keeps Franchise History When It Comes To Getting Back Right Done

The Metroid The series has often received a lot of praise for its clever flashback and enjoyable little bits and pieces that can only be obtained after obtaining certain bonuses. It goes well, doesn’t feel like a chore, and opens up new things and new areas that were previously inaccessible.

Even the parts where the game forces the player to go back to old places, it is not painful or obnoxious, although he sometimes forgets to tell the player where to go back. The recently released Terror Metroid keeps this tradition alive with a look back that is generally satisfying rather than tedious.

9 Boring: God of War made flashback a festival of rehearsal

The God of the war the games are excellent in almost every sense of the word. Their biggest flaw is the amount of backtracking that has to occur. They love to force the player to go back and forth for what seems like a dozen times before the fast travel is unlocked, and at this point the player is so fed up with seeing the old locations that they are not. It’s no wonder Kratos is so angry all the time.

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Any game in which players ask for a faster method of fast movement hurts it, no matter how beautiful the game itself is. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if things weren’t so stale and stagnant and changed with Kratos instead.

8 Interesting: Zelda Skyward Sword did a good job of not making the rollback look the same every time

The art used for the Skyward Sword HD box

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword I really didn’t feel it was that big when it came to brass tacks. It was like three separate areas that the player had to go through multiple times. It sounds awful, but Skyward sword actually pretty well managed.

The game used each area to its full potential, with Link interacting with each area differently each time, so it didn’t feel that complicated. What was even more fun was that it was really exciting to start going back to those areas just to see what was different now.

7 Annoying: Suikoden III makes flashing back mandatory while disguising him as different characters

The cast of suikoden standing together

The first half of Suikoden III has players with the ability to walk through the lives of the three main protagonists, plus Thomas who probably should have been more important than he was. The second half has the player with only one of them.

The problem is, this means that there are many areas that have to be walked a dozen times, each with several different characters. When teleportation is finally allowed, everything goes to and from a singular location, forcing players to blink at the base and then teleport to places they’ve been before. It was a nightmare to say the least.

6 Interesting: Chrono Trigger has cleverly incorporated the flashback into its time travel story

Chrono Trigger's PlayStation anime portrait

the trigger of a stopwatch is absolutely covered in flashbacks, but very little actually feels that way. Much of the story involves going through different parts of space and time, so while there may be a time or two that the player has to return to the exact same place, there is always something new. .

This is of course unless they voluntarily backtrack to refine even more levels. Other than that, it’s a really good looking back game.

5 Annoying: Hollow Knight was in desperate need of a faster trip

The Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight gained acclaim very quickly due to its cute style, intricate storyline, and generally masterful gameplay. What really hurt him was the horrific, overblown flashback.

Worst of all is that there are fast travel points, but so few and far between that they might as well not exist in most places. If only there had been a few more, it might not have hurt so much.

4 Interesting: Undertale had entire characters that only appeared if players backtracked

Undertale Actors

Subtitle is the game that has been hiding so much throughout its game that players are constantly picking it up to try a different route or to look for different things. There’s even a character that can’t be found unless players are playing with their game files, and then they’re not exactly thrilled to be there.

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It’s one of those games that trains players to always go back and look for that missing item, that NPC, or the last little piece of the story. He’s not always going to hand it over to the player, they have to go get it.

3 Annoying: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has players who just want to use the fast travel viewpoints

Kassandra from Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is a beautiful open world game set in ancient Greece. After a certain point, the only limit to where the player can go is how brave they feel and how good they are at sneaking past enemies. Despite this, the game forces a ton of flashbacks, especially when it’s time to hunt down cult members.

It becomes so difficult to have to go back and forth across the map that even some of the most immersive players choose to use the many fast travel points to do so and finish. At least there is the ability to evolve enemies with the player, otherwise constantly returning to locations would be a complete nightmare.

2 Interesting: Resident Evil 4 kept the flow going while backing up

Resident Evil 4 characters

The fact Resident Evil 4 had an interesting flashback is good because seriously Ashley was a terrible character. A bad flashback with her would have made him completely unbearable.

It excels at keeping the logic of going back and being a part of the flow of the game, not to mention some areas that have become almost impossible to recognize as the thing progresses. If only Ashley could have gotten lost on the road earlier this would have been perfect.

1 Boring: Final Fantasy X-2 keeps encounters exactly the same

Final Fantasy X-2 Boris

Going back is such a boring job Final Fantasy X-2 that it is fundamentally unnecessary to do so. Monsters don’t evolve, things don’t change, and there’s rarely anything new to find. The exception is when grinding rare drops, but that only makes matters worse.

So when the game forces Yuna and company. to go back is awful. Even mega fans of X and X-2 shudder at the thought of going back to Boris to try and get that useful drop over and over again.

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