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5 Worst Horror Movie Endings

The last scene in a horror movie should be shocking, somewhat practical, and realistic for the story. While no one hopes for a confusing ending to a movie they’ve just watched for about two hours, sometimes a clever horror movie final scene can take a bit of unboxing.

While there are killer (no pun intended) horror movie endings that fans love, there are just as many that make audiences wish the plot had concluded differently. From some recent movies available to stream on Netflix to a 90s slasher, there are a few horror movies with endings that aren’t very good.


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While the 1998 film’s Urban Legends is a lot of fun, the ending is a bit unsatisfying and not as shocking as it should be. It looks like Natalie Simon (Alicia Witt) beat Brenda Bates (Rebecca Gayheart) as Brenda appears to be dying. But then, in the final scene, the audience watches as Brenda sits with a group of students, explaining that she’ll be sharing the full story of what really happened in college.

This ending feels rushed, not entirely surprising, and full of cliches. The idea that a villain has been hiding in plain sight this whole time has been made many times before, and it seems hard to believe that Brenda survived and enrolled in another college.

Although there are timeless plot twists in the horror movie, the end of Orphan seems obvious and expected. When fans find out that Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) isn’t a child but 33-year-old Leena Klammer, it doesn’t seem like such a big reveal.

The explanation that Esther has a condition called hypopituitarism that affects her hormones and causes her to not grow properly sounds dull and not so exciting. Throughout the film, it seems very clear that Esther is secretly much older than a child. Since the movie hinges on this reveal and not everyone will be surprised, it seems hard to appreciate the ending and say it’s a good way to end the story.

Truth or Dare is a Blumhouse horror movie that fell flat, and the ending also leaves a lot to be desired. When a horror movie focuses on a curse or a game, it makes sense that audiences want a conclusion in which the main characters figure out how to win and get rid of the horror.

In this case, Olivia Barron (Lucy Hale) shares a Truth Or Dare video online, which suggests that others will start playing the deadly game and she will be safe for now. But since there’s no sequel, it’s not the best ending. Why can’t Olivia and her friends find a way to beat the game? To suggest that more people will die and the game will simply continue doesn’t sound good enough. There’s also not enough explanation in the movie itself as to why this game appeared in the first place.

The Open House is one of Netflix’s worst horror movies and it’s mostly because of the ending. It’s hard to think of a horror movie that has such a dark and disturbing conclusion. Logan Wallace (Dylan Minnette) is killed and fans see his corpse near the water behind the country house where he and his mother Naomi (Piercey Dalton) lived. Naomi appears to be dying as well as fainting after being attacked.

Why did someone target this mother and her son? Why was Logan being tracked and spied on? Why are they dead? While some horror movie endings are deliberately left vague and that’s a good thing, that’s not the case here, and viewers will want a lot more.

The horror movie 2020 What lies beneath can be considered one of the worst haunted house movies because the characters aren’t fully formed and the ending is anything but satisfying.

Libby (Ema Horvath) doesn’t like the man her mother Michelle (Mena Suvari) fell in love with, John (Trey Tucker). It’s embarrassing to see Libby trying to avoid John in their house in the Adirondacks, and it turns out that John kept water tanks in the basement. At the very end of the movie, John put Libby in a tank, and it also looks like he got Michelle pregnant with a creature. It’s not only disgusting to watch but also heartbreaking. Why can’t Libby be a strong final girl who survives? After seeing this character trying to figure out what John is up to, it’s a shame to see John emerge victorious.

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