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9 games that actually give you too many different playing options

Remember the good old days before hardware could handle more than 100MB? The games were so simple and straightforward. There was a basic gameplay loop, a series of levels, a lack of saves, and overwhelming difficulty. It was all a game needed to be successful. However, as the hardware and graphics have improved, the ability to play has also improved. Players are no longer confined to a single route or playstyle. They are free to explore.

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However, some games have taken “giving gamers play options” to extremes. On the contrary, they give players too many choices. Some games do it for more depth while others do it just because they want to. Whatever the reason, a novice player may be put off by the overwhelming choices of certain titles. While the games themselves aren’t bad and are often the “game of the year” winners, the game options are a balancing act. Too little and the players are bored; too much and gambling becomes a chore.

9 Adding Firearms to Sonic – Shadow The Hedgehog

Most gamers want to know who made the decision to add weapons to Sonic. However, that’s not even the worst attack in this game. Players have to play this decidedly mediocre Sonic adventure more than ten times before they can see the entire game and unlock the “real ending”. The game divides its missions into “Hero”, “Dark” and “Normal”. Then, depending on the order in which players decide to complete their tasks, they will end up in different levels and areas. While this is undoubtedly a cool concept, its lackluster platform game becomes an exhausting task to complete just to see all the game has to offer.

8 Too many options for the better? – Deus Ex

deus ex wallet

Deus Ex is an example of well-made gaming options, despite an overwhelming amount of them. While Deus Ex has done – compared to other offenders – is to make each game option a viable way to complete a level. In fact, depending on how players attempted to complete their mission, whether through fluid, stealthy, or violent speech, the story of the game would change to reflect their choices.

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Deus Ex understood that a wide range of play options work well if they are all factored in at the end. That’s why it remains one of the greatest games ever made. The sheer scale of what can be done can be overwhelming for inexperienced players, but make no mistake, Deus Ex knows how to make itself attractive to experts as well as to novice players.

seven 100 cent fins – Star Ocean: second evolution

Claude and Rena from Star Ocean Second Story

Watch out for the finalists, Star Ocean: Second evolution is a game that doesn’t become too much until players are ready to end it. The game consists of over a hundred different endings, all of which depend on how the relationships play out in this action role-playing game. If the players are a single player type, that won’t be a problem and they can move on to the next game in the series. However, for those looking for that 100% completion rating on their game, players will have to replay the adventure almost a hundred times to even get closer to the end. It means making the right decisions during an already long journey to achieve a single achievement of more – times a hundred.

6 Bad invested? Restart – System Shock 2

A photo of SHODAN as seen in System Shock

Shock system 2 is anything but a bad game. Shock system 2 practically mastered the survival horror genre. This is the reason why games like Bio-shock Where Dead space even exists. It has a masterful action-based storytelling and is still terrifying to play. The problem? A lot of people haven’t finished the entire game. This is partly due to Shock system 2 giving players too many options on how they want to play, without making the game work around it.

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Many players find themselves excluded from the game at some point, all because they have invested too many skill points in other upgrades instead of the selected four that mattered at the end of the game. For example, players can get to the end of the game, only to find out that there are no more skill upgrades and that they need an extra “X” point to be able to fight the boss. It’s a frustrating gameplay design.

5 Introducing the New Halfway Mechanic – Persona 5

buffet persona 5 morgana

Persona 5 is the high adrenaline animated adventure that every player needs in their life. Just listen to the sweet soundtrack, and that alone should be enough to convince gamers to give it a try. However, Persona 5 is a notoriously long game. This is mainly because of his decision to pack the game with all the minigames, social stats, combat mechanics, palaces, confidant ratings, and more. possible. Quite shocking, despite all the game mechanics imaginable, Persona 5 masterfully balances everything. It’s overwhelming, yes, but never embarrassing. Everything seeks to immerse the player in the experience, which other games fail to do.

4 Live life realistically – Still sometimes monsters

tripping over two people in bed in always sometimes monsters

Always Sometimes Monster is a life simulation that strives to look as much like real life as possible. In many ways, this is a wonderful thing. Players can create characters of all kinds of genders, races, and sexualities that exist in an equally diverse and interesting world. Players can choose how they wish to make decisions with each choice they make coming back to haunt them. However, the problem with Always Sometimes Monsters is that it’s a game, like real life, that has a HUGE amount of choice.

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The game allows players to choose from hundreds of day-to-day options, giving them the freedom to do just about anything. With a clear goal in mind (getting their ex back), players often wonder exactly How? ‘Or’ What they are supposed to do so from the choices offered. To get the “right ending”, players will need to carefully and tactfully follow an extremely comprehensive list of instructions on a step-by-step guide. So, while one could argue that it is realistic, for the most part it is quite exhausting to deal with real life, let alone virtual life.

3 Too Much To Do – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Readers might roll their eyes when they see Skyrim – the master of open world fantasy – on this list of “too many game options”, but Skyrim is an overwhelming game. On many forums readers can find players writing about how they struggle to get into the game. There are too many side quests, too many choices, and too many side tasks. Indeed, freedom Skyrim gives players too much sometimes.

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If players aren’t the quick-thinking “do this or that” type, they will often find themselves spending three hours on the character creation screen, debating the difference that a charisma or chemistry point is making. can do. Skyrim is undoubtedly a masterpiece, but it is one that hard thinkers should approach with some caution.

2 Eight Too Many – Octopath Traveler

Octopath traveler is a classic case of too many protagonists to choose from. They are well thought out and realized protagonists, but too many. Each story could be its own game. In fact, a smaller developer would have released this eighty-hour game in chapters and billed players for each part of the game as it was released. However, what the game fails to do in this JRPG adventure is make the characters interact in a meaningful way. As IGN described it in its review of the game, “There is no absolute evil that our travelers must unite to fight against.” They just meet and sometimes join in the fun. It’s a gorgeous game with a breathtaking scale and storyline, but one that could have used a little more connection with its characters.

1 Many mechanics can stifle the flow of combat – Doom Eternal

Eternal Doom Header

What makes a Loss game so good? The smooth transition of a multitude of powerful guns and chainsaws as players bounce around exploding demon heads. In short: the Loss the series is the master of the fluid shooter. Eternal destiny also did a great job. However, some players have found that the experience does not have the same “punch” as previous titles.

Eternal destiny is an intense and fast game. It requires the best computer system and requires the player to always be moving and knowing exactly how to use each mechanic. He doesn’t have time for slowpokes. Inexperienced gamers learning the game systems, shooter, and movement will find themselves slowed down (and even stopped) as they try to remember how to switch between the multitude of explosive weapons. It’s a great game but could have used a little more help for newbies.

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