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A disappointing but dark and intriguing thriller

Selvaraghavan and Dhanush reunited after MayakkamEnna and the brothers of Naane Varuven present a story of twin siblings. Only, unlike the real relationship, the one in their film is filled with danger, trauma, physical and mental abuse. To be fair, Selvaraghavan’s films with Dhanush have always excelled in capturing the dark recesses of the human mind. In Selvaraghavan’s first film Kaadhal Kondein featuring Dhanush, they explored the dark side of possessiveness and obsession. In Pudhupettai, the two painted the town red by immersing themselves deep in the life of a thug. In MayakkamEnna, the two explored the depths of the Depression. Now they explore the darkness that could exist in a sibling relationship.

Research papers suggest that psychopaths exhibit symptoms of their childhood state. They torture animals and revel in the pain they cause their animal project. Kathir, in Selvaraghavan-directorial Naane Varuven, is one of those psychopaths. He lights a neighborhood girl’s skirt on fire and does it just for cheap thrills. He refuses to apologize for his mistake and holds a grudge long enough to exact revenge, and that includes his family members. He stabs his father, locks his twin brother Prabhu in a storage chest, and has no qualms about his actions. A Psychopath’s Really Handbook Actions. Unfortunately, his widowed mother decides to abandon him instead of finding a way to cure him, or leave him to the authorities.

Which makes Naane Varuven What’s really interesting is how it mixes fantasy and science to push the plot forward. Prabhu grows into a responsible father, who continues to be affected by his childhood, but does not let his trauma rule his life. At first there is no news from Kathir, however. It’s like he disappeared from Prabhu’s life. He only exists in the fleeting moments of Prabhu’s flashbacks. Until Prabhu’s daughter comes back from vacation a changed person. Interestingly enough, the moments leading up to this specific moment are light and sweet. It’s as if the directors wanted the audience to prepare for something bad to happen to Prabhu’s family. The commotion is apparent, and after Prabhu’s wife mentions how uncomfortable she felt in their daughter’s room, the tone of the whole movie changes. It ranges from light and vibrant to gray and heavy.

Beyond the mixture of fantasy and fiction, however, Naane Varuven is disappointing overall with some awesome moments interspersed just enough to keep us from getting bored. One of the film’s highlights occurs when Kathir, who is settled in Chopta as an adult, shows his true colors to his family. This moment is raw with his family’s fears, his pain at his inability to hide long enough, and Kathir’s reminders that he had been abandoned once before. Even as Kathir moves through the darkness, their sufficient light surrounds him to emphasize that he has truly become a monster. The one who wanted to believe he deserved a family.

He didn’t care about imprisoning people in the name of love, and until the very end he is portrayed as nothing but a monster. Like it should be. This is also one of the problems of the film. Although it is a psychological thriller, the film moves at a snail’s pace. Fortunately, the short running time of 2 hours and 11 minutes and a clean script ensure that the movie doesn’t get too overwhelming.

Globally, Naane Varuven has its moments, and the exploration of Kathir’s character is intriguing. Overall, however, the film needed to be a bit more dynamic. Above all, the way they arrive at a resolution of the central conflict is simply loaded with unnecessary weight.

Rating: 3 (out of 5 stars)

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