Fascinating movie

A skillful thriller bogged down by a few clichés

History: Devikulam SI Police Station John Luther is a committed policeman, who even risks his life to maintain order. During an interrogation, he suffers from a ruptured eardrum and hearing loss. Will he be able to complete an investigation that he had to abandon halfway?

Conclusion: When it comes to family, John Luther is never on time. But as a cop, he is engaged, sharp and precise. Nothing can prevent this “super cop” from doing his duty.

Jayasurya once again presents an exemplary performance through his portrayal of Devikulam SI John Luther, who suffers from hearing loss after damaging his eardrums during a criminal investigation. As in Christopher Nolan’s Memento, where Leonard Shelby suffers from short-term memory loss, our protagonist sets out to finish a case he had to leave halfway due to an injury.

The dark thriller is intriguing and captivating with a series of mysterious disappearance cases in the jurisdiction of Devikulam. Rookie filmmaker Abhijit Joseph, who also wrote the film, has decently crafted a film that appeals to crime and investigative thriller fans. Cinematographer Roby Varghese Raj captured the enigmatic beauty of the highs creating eerie moments in the minds of viewers. Color grading and editing by Praveen Prabhakar must be mentioned to heighten the excitement. However, some elements of the film, including the music, are reminiscent of recent films like Anjaam Pathiraa and Rakshasan which had set a new trend in thriller film storytelling.

It would be remiss not to mention that the film was also influenced by the stereotypical cast and character backgrounds that Malayalam cinema has followed for ages. We see affluent and upper caste heroes and underprivileged villains with typical character traits in this film. At a time when we are consciously trying to bring caste, color, race and regional inclusiveness, here we see the film once again reinforcing images of people with negative undertones, sanity and uncharted areas high ranges.

The actors, including Deepak Parambol and Sivadasan Kannur, played their roles well. Sidhique once again played the “cool dad” cliché with ease. The female characters remain relegated to wives, mothers and sisters as in all other “hero-centric” films.

Overall, John Luther is a dark thriller that would make Jayasurya fans happy as he fills the screen with his good looks, latest trending outfits, and impressive performances.

-Anjana George