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Adam Sandler’s Most Overlooked Movie Secretly Beats a DiCaprio Movie Remake

One of Adam Sandler’s most overlooked films, Funny People, surprisingly managed to beat a Leonardo DiCaprio film with the exact same story.

Adam Sandler’s Forgotten Movie funny people actually beat Leonardo DiCaprio Gatsby the magnificent remake – although it tells the same story, the first manages to be a much more interesting take on the tale. Adam Sandler made his name and career in lowbrow comedy, but recent years have seen him critically reappraised for his dramatic work. However, Sandler’s filmography is full of often dismissed or largely forgotten titles, and funny people sits squarely among them.

funny people sees Sandler play the role of George Simmons, a character that could be described as a self-parody: a wealthy former comedian-turned-actor who finds himself shunned by comedians and film critics alike. Simmons looks so much like the actor who plays him – he even gets angry and howls like Adam Sandler – that it’s easy to miss the parallels he draws with one of the most well-known literary characters of all. The Times: Jay Gatsby. funny peopleThe plot of is essentially that of Gatsby the magnificent told from a modern perspective, with a wealthy protagonist chasing a lost love, all framed by the experience of a close friend.


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However, not only funny people read the story of Gatsby the magnificent, but it actually beats Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2013 remake in one or two key aspects. Considering Gatsby the magnificent has been a staple of literature since World War II, both films benefit from telling its story, though funny people is able to do it in a much more interesting way. While the Sandler/Apatow collab turned out to be a relatively forgettable title, it tops DiCaprio’s. Gatsby the magnificent by virtue of its creative approach to history.

Adam Sandler’s comedy movies may have earned him a specific type of bad rap, but they uniquely qualified him to play the Gatsby-style character of George Simmons. Simmons, like Gatsby, finds himself an outsider among his peers due to his reputation, and in addition to his lost love, funny people focuses on Simmons’ attempt to connect with his fellow comedians despite being a joke among them. This gives funny people in addition Gatsby the magnificent references while establishing another layer of his story – Sandler has a life experience that makes funny people somewhat meta, blurring the lines between its narrative inspiration and the actors who bring it to life.

But funny people could be interpreted as another excuse for Adam Sandler to collaborate with his friends, it serves as a clever and modern account of Gatsby the magnificent. DiCaprio’s 2013 film is a much simpler adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, making it a much simpler film. The story of Gatsby the magnificent means it’s already been heavily analyzed, so adding an extra layer to the story using the real-life experiences of its actors makes funny people a much more interesting version of the simple story.

But funny people has perhaps been largely forgotten, it was, surprisingly, better reviewed when it was released in 2009 than the 2013 one Gatsby the magnificent. funny people stands at 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Gatsby the magnificent won only 48%. This perhaps highlights how funny people was able to beat Gatsby the magnificentthough it wasn’t the dramatic performance that spurred Sandler’s career.

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