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Alexa Bliss’ Dream Movie Role Revealed

Alexa Bliss has been a mainstay of WWE television for nearly a decade now, and she apparently has a dream genre film role she would take on.

Alexa Bliss fans know she has one of the widest ranges of WWE when it comes to the characters she’s capable of playing, and she recently opened up about what her dream movie role would be if given the chance. The Columbus, Ohio native has gone through a remarkable number of successful changes during her time in NXT and on both Monday night raw and Friday Night SmackDown. Maybe one day she could use those chops on the big screen.

She started out as a happy-to-be-here babyface on the gold and black version of NXT, jumping into the ring in a tutu before blowing glitter into the camera. Bliss really started to take off after turning heel and joining the tag team of Blake and Murphy, and that momentum followed her all the way to the main roster. She portrayed a cold-hearted villain and some kind of demon while working with the character of Bray Wyatt’s The Fiend, so perhaps Bliss’ dream movie role won’t come as too much of a surprise given her darker leanings in recent years.


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Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, she said if she could be involved in any type of film, it would be of the horror variety. Responding to a question from a fan, Bliss said that “I would like to be in a horror movie. I feel like that would be so much fun. Either a horror movie or a romantic comedy.” She went on to state that “I feel like in life, I’m a little socially awkward. And that’s the key to a romantic comedy.

WWE Alexa Bliss

This fan inquiry came after Bliss tweeted that she would like to work in a movie one day, and given her position and relationship with WWE, that might not be out of the realm of possibility. Of course, not every wrestler who has dabbled in acting has been involved in the best of films. Part of what makes The Miz’s Hollywood persona so entertaining is how poorly rated The Marine movies are – despite The Miz being a bona fide crossover star at this point. Miz and Mrs. Also been running since 2018 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s self-referential and ironic, and it opened the door to another side of Miz as a performer.

Bliss could experience a similar development, and her loyal legions of fans would almost certainly turn up in droves to watch a horror movie or rom-com starring her. She’s only 30 and hasn’t even entered her wrestling peak yet, so it’s interesting to hear her float the idea of ​​acting at this point. She probably won’t become a full-fledged actress like John Cena or The Rock, but who knows what the future might hold for Little Miss Bliss. It only takes one or two solid performances before studios try to capitalize on the WWE fanbase in ticket sales accordingly.

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Source: The Bump

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