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Amazon Gaming November 2021 Free Games with Prime Revealed, Include Dragon Age: Inquisition

There are a ton of subscriptions that fans can get free games from every month, such as Xbox’s Games with Gold, PlayStation Plus, Epic Games Store, and more. Fans shouldn’t sleep on it Amazon Prime Gaming, however, especially since it already comes bundled with Amazon Prime, a must-have subscription for online shoppers. This is because each month Amazon Prime releases a handful of games that can be kept after the period ends, with those available on November 1.

This means fans have little time left to claim Amazon’s October free games, which include Star Wars: Squadrons, Alien Isolation, Ghostrunner, Song of Horror Complete Edition, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky, Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventure, Blue Fire, Tiny Robots Recharge, Whiskey and Zombies: The Great Southern Zombie Escape, and Secret files 3. This method of releasing a bunch of smaller games led by three bigger games is interesting to say the least, and it’s the same method for November 2021.

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While Amazon’s October free games were run by Star Wars: Squadrons, Alien Isolation and Ghost Runner, the November games are titled by Dragon Age: Inquisition, Control: Ultimate Edition, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. These are all great PC games that fans shouldn’t sleep on, with Inquisition path leading to Dragon Age 4 (who recently released a new ‘creepy’ concept art), Control: ultimate edition containing both DLCs, and Rise of the Tomb Raider really showcasing the capabilities of Crystal Dynamics.


Other games this month are:

  • Rogue heroes, a classic dungeon game for 1-4 players with modern rogue-lite elements
  • Released, a cyberpunk action-adventure game
  • Puzzle Agent 2, a classic TellTale title that captures the best of the puzzle / adventure genre
  • Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter, a hidden object game with mini-games
  • BAFL – The brakes are for the losers, top-down arcade racing game with funky cars and dirty stuff
  • Secret files: Sam Peters, a graphic adventure game where journalist Sam Peters searches for the legends of the Ashanti people of Ghana.

There is certainly a quantitative approach here, but it balances out with the quality of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Control, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Claiming these games for free is basically a good deal, and it’s always complemented by a selection of smaller games that may appeal to some tastes.

Beyond free games, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can also grab a few pieces of in-game content. This month, Apex LegendsThe Ash Venom Blade Bundle is available, which includes a new character skin, weapon skin, and banner frame related to the new character in Season 11. It also includes a New world game pack, nicknamed Robin Hood Pack # 1, which includes Robin Hood clothes, a new emote and 1 (x5) Colors Dye Pack.

Amazon Gaming Prime subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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