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Puri Jagannadh has proven that he has regained some of his lost mojo thanks to mass artist iSmart Shankar. But in Romantic, where he provided the story, script, and dialogue, is an assault on our senses with a series of tired snaps you’ve seen in his previous films such as 143, Pokiri, and Heart Attack. The film is intended to be as much a romantic comedy as a gangster drama, although the comedy oscillates between two-way dialogue, regressive slang and simple pedestrian slang. Akash Puri is Vasco De Gama, a wanderer and thug with a heart in the right place.

He is determined to do whatever he can to make money and has a lot of ideas up his sleeve that even if he gets caught by the police, he cleverly escapes the situation by selling fuss and giving enough. of gyaan, in addition to justifying why he joined the crime syndicate. As you might have guessed, he has a sentimental flashback to why and how he is greedy for money. Leading a life of crime, he meets Monika (Ketika Sharma), a policeman’s sister, Jhon (Uttej), and continues to stalk her to express his feelings for her while kissing, hugging and hugging her. stroking.

The irony is that she somehow agrees with these as he is the most wanted person for her! Then we have funny gangster boss Samson (Makrand Deshpande), adoring grandmother Mary (Rama Prabha), publicity-hungry artist Kathy (Sunaina), and law deputy commissioner Ramya Gowa r ike r (Ramya Krishnan), who is after Vasco and also tells his cursed love story. On paper, Puri Jagannadh offers some spoiled characters who are not hard to empathize with.

But the moment you find yourself embroiled in one character, the storyline quickly moves on to the next, ultimately leaving you disconnected from their suffering. The action scenes and endless shootouts bring a monotony worthy of a video game. The protagonist’s flashback and motives are also ridiculously silly that it’s hard to take them seriously. The film also lacks a compelling villain, whose presence could have brought a real sense of danger to the proceedings. Ten minutes into the first half, it looks like the script is playing the role of second fiddle in the notorious gangster drama – from the precise editing and daring cinematography to the thrilling background music.

However, as the film progresses, the film demands that you apply neither common sense nor logic. Romanticism has its moments, but they are rare. For the most part, you’re willing to laugh at even a handful of juvenile jokes that are ridiculously compiled. What’s not funny is the loud, overblown style of dialogue that seems to have become a hallmark of Puri Jagannadh’s films. Despite these setbacks, Puri’s cheeky lines resemble the hero’s personality. While his cameo, along with that of actor Ram, was received with a thunderous response from the audience.

As a director, Anil Paduri fails to strike a chord as he couldn’t translate Puri Jagannadh’s vision to the screen. Among the performances, Akash Puri, despite his sincerity, has only two expressions and he appears to be on autopilot throughout the film. Newcomer Ketika Sharma is promising and the girl who played Annie is amazing. Angry cop Ramya Krishnan seems to be the only actor who takes his job seriously! Every time I watch a Puri Jagannadh movie, I think there can’t be a bad movie like this. To my surprise, it exceeds my expectations all the time!

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