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Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Revealed The ‘Terminator’ Movie He Thought Was “Horrible”

The Terminator the films are films that Arnold Schwarzenegger is very close to. After all, it’s one of the films that made Schwarzenegger one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. However, there was a terminator movie that the hit actor revealed he didn’t like at all. And he wouldn’t want to play in another terminator film that was written as his least favorite.

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t think ‘The Terminator’ would become a franchise

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The Terminator The franchise may have become one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time. But there was a time when Schwarzenegger and the studio behind the films didn’t think the franchise would spawn sequels. In an interview with Screen Crush, the Predator the actor explained what everyone really thinks of the James Cameron films.

“Well, what’s amazing is that person when we made the movie, we thought it would be a franchise,” Schwarzenegger said. “No one thought the phrase ‘I’ll be back’ would ever be repeated. The studio, the way they saw it, it was a B-action movie.”

It didn’t help that at the time another sci-fi movie with a similar name was released.

“You have to understand that a year or two before we came out, there was this stupid movie called The Exterminator,“said Schwarzenegger. “So when I heard that I was offered The TerminatorI I was like “Oh no, it’s like The exterminator, people will look at it that way. Is this where my career is going? B movies and then it goes straight to video, end of story?

But it was James Cameron who convinced Schwarzenegger that there was something special about The Terminator.

“I just had faith in Jim Cameron because of the way he explained how he wanted to shoot it, it would be creative, it would be different. And I bought into the idea of ​​playing the terminatorbased on what he was telling me,” he continued.

Arnold Schwarzenegger thought ‘Terminator Salvation’ was ‘awful’

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Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t have much of an opinion on Hi Terminator. Ironically, he didn’t appear in the movie either. But this was more due to his attachment to his political position at the time. Schwarzenegger was Governor of California while Hi Terminator was filming and could not leave his post.

But still, looking back, Schwarzenegger might have been glad he hadn’t been part of the movie in the first place. Speaking to Collider, Schwarzenegger talked about starring in sequels to his past films. He mentioned Christian Bale terminator film as a type of sequel that he wouldn’t do.

“[I’m open to] all these things, if it is true lies, Jterminator, a well done terminator…the last one was awful. He tried hard, not that they didn’t try, acting and all. He missed the mark,” Schwarzenegger said.

He also expressed his relief at not being part of Hi Terminator in an interview with ABC News. Schwarzenegger recalled that he didn’t appear in the franchise’s fourth film.

“I didn’t, no… Thank God,” he revealed.

Asked about his opinion on Salvation, Schwarzenegger didn’t mince words.

“It sucked,” he said.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have more “Terminator” movies in him?

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2019 Dark Fate Terminator was the last terminator film in which Schwarzenegger starred. But as to whether or not this would be his last movie altogether, the true lies the star leaves that up to the fans.

“If the public decides it’s time to move on and have a new Terminator, then it will go in another direction. If the public decides that they like seeing me and they think it’s cool for me to be in this franchise, to continue to be in it, so I’ll be signed up,” he said.

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