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Art and technology merge in Nigeria’s first digital museum – the Sun Nigeria

By Adanna Nnamani, Abuja

A digital company, Art Tech District has opened a museum called Discovery Museum, where the history and culture of Nigeria is preserved and presented in a digital format.

Ms Faridah Dikko, Executive Director of the Art Tech District, during a briefing to reporters in Abuja on Thursday, said the museum aims to provide a platform where Nigerian digital creatives can learn, interact, explore new ideas. and show their talents to the world.

She said the company recognizes the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in today’s world and its crucial role in capturing the attention of individuals, especially young minds, and had decided to use it to promote the museum culture of Nigerians by creating something different and captivating.

Dikko mentioned that the digital museum would educate young people about Nigerian history, culture, music, arts and crafts in an interesting and intriguing way.

She said efforts were underway to hire more relevant government officials to raise awareness of the museum and engage more young Nigerians to take advantage of its benefits.

“In Arts Tech District, what we’re trying to do in this space is create a community where creatives, especially upcoming artists, can really strive, learn new things, explore new ideas, meet too. .

“We also try to cater to people who are also interested in the tech industry, hence the name Art Tech District.

“We have different units within the compound, each representing what we want to do.

“We started building during the COVID-19 lockdown, so we’re still pretty young. “We have accomplished a lot since then. The digital museum is the focal point of the district. It is a synchronization of arts, history and technology. It is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and we are really proud of all the work that has gone into it. We started it in July and since then we have had a lot of people and a few official visits.

“What we’ve done with the museum is take a typical museum experience and imbue it with elements of technology and digital media. As we all already know, ICT is the future of the world.

“So we thought a museum was the right project because as a country we felt there was a gap, so we wanted to strengthen museum culture in the country. We also wanted to focus on our story, and really find a way to share our story, our talents and our vision within the community. We also wanted to do it in a different, engaging, exciting way for young people and children as well. These are all different things that we have considered.

While showing the reporter around the facility, Yemi Davis, Art Tech District Marketing, Innovation and Events Manager, explained that the facility where the museum is located contains a host of other units such as games. , virtual reality, an arts and crafts studio, restaurants, children’s arena etc. He said these can serve as side attractions for visitors.

He said, “We have an arts and crafts studio where we showcase the Nigerian Tie-Dye outfits popularly known as ‘Adire’ and also teach people who want to learn the art of Tie-Dye. They can learn this skill and market it for a living. It is essentially an environment where you can learn a lot of things while having fun ”