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As Ragnarok looms, the industry takes a breather

Storm clouds are gathering. God of War: Ragnarok, not yet released for a week, is looming in the coming days. As thunder rumbles and lightning erupts, AA Studios enjoys a moment of clean air – Singing and vertigo are the two launches to watch this week, with a slew of re-releases and retail launches for good measure.

Here’s what you’ll be playing this week.

November 2

Bus Simulator: City Ride (NS)

We put a bus on your Switch, so you can drive a bus while you play on your Switch on the bus.

Mario Party and Mario Party 2 (NS)

Newly added to the Nintendo Switch Online N64 collection. Do not use your replica N64 controller for these. The real ones know exactly why.

November 3

The Song (PS5, XSX, PC, PS4, XBO)

Singing is a game that seems to have a lot of eternal darkness‘DNA in it. Psychological Horror, an island made up of different biomes and systems that unify your character’s mind, body, and spirit. I am interested.

Garfield: Lasagna Party (PS5, XSX, PC, PS4, XBO)

Ruby is very excited for this. She is the only person in the world who is. You know things are going well for a game when it’s announced with screenshots and no trailer.

Iron Man VR (Quest)

The next best thing is to build yourself a flying robot costume in a cave with a box of scraps. This one has been out on PSVR for a few years now. This will be its debut on the Meta Quest VR platform.

WRC: Generations (PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO)

The official world rally championship game is back and if you are interested in racing games, I recommend them. Rallying is one of the most dangerous motorsport disciplines in the world and because of that, it’s fun as hell.

November 4

Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock (PS5, XSX)

A narrative adventure game based on Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary film, vertigo. If you’ve never seen the original movie before, then I think vertigo will work much better for you than if you had. An interesting experiment, it’s been out on previous-gen platforms for about a year. It’s now coming to current-gen systems.

Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion (PS4, NS)

Ruby tells me she wants to see this again, which might be a first for Kotaku. Let us know if you want to see this.

Death’s Gate (PS5, NS)

Another retail launch, for those who prefer to collect physical copies. Awesome game, please play it if you haven’t already.

Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom (NS)

Would you like an extremely niche Japanese take on an already fairly niche Japanese series? The Doraemon x story of the seasons cross returns for with Friends of the Great Kingdoma farming simulation featuring characters from the beloved manga.

Harvestella (PC, NS)

Harvestelle is a JPRG with life simulation elements. Start a town, build its agricultural infrastructure and embark on missions outside to get supplies that can help you grow further.

It takes two (NS)

Another commercial version for collectors. Again, a great game, especially for couples. If you’ve never played it before, don’t hesitate to give it a try.