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Barton Health invests in new technology for knee and hip replacement patients | South of Lake Tahoe

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Barton Health continues to innovate with the latest modern technologies to ensure the highest quality medical care for patients. A new investment in joint replacement technology will improve the patient experience for total knee, hip and partial knee replacements. Barton is one of the first hospitals in the region to offer Mako SmartRobotics™, a robotic system that allows orthopedic surgeons to have a more predictable surgical experience with increased precision and accuracy, resulting in better outcomes for the patients.

“With the Mako system, I am able to perform less invasive surgery during joint replacement. For some patients, this can mean less pain and faster recovery time,” said Dr. Kyle Swanson, orthopedic surgeon at Tahoe Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. “This technology allows me to create a personalized plan based on each patient’s unique anatomy before entering the operating room. During the surgery, I can make the necessary adjustments while guiding the robotic arm to perform this plan. It’s exciting to be able to bring this transformative technology to our community.

Mako SmartRobotics™ consists of three unique components: 3D CT-based planning, AccuStop™ haptic technology, and insightful data analysis. In clinical studies, Mako Total Knee has demonstrated the potential for patients to experience less pain, less need for opioid painkillers, less need for inpatient physiotherapy, reduced length of hospital stay, improved knee flexion and more soft tissue protection compared to manual techniques.

“Barton Health has always been known for the highest level of orthopedic care in the Lake Tahoe area, which is why organizations like US Ski & Snowboard have made Barton their official medical provider,” said Dr. Jeff Orr, orthopedic surgeon for Tahoe Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. “The Mako System still delivers on that promise, improving a common procedure in our region and ensuring the best quality of life after injury.”

Barton Memorial Hospital is a Blue Distinction® center for knee and hip replacement, marking Barton’s expertise in providing high quality medical services and better outcomes for patients with knee replacement surgeries. and hip. To learn more about orthopedic services and optional procedures available through Barton Health, visit BartonOrthopedicsAndWellness.com.