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Canarian ESports League’s “Tenerife GG” tech fair receives 15,500 visits on debut

‘Tenerife GG’, the technology, eSports and video game fair of the Canarian eSports League Hipardino, held its first edition at the Recinto Ferial and the Auditorio de Tenerife, 15,500 visits and distribution of more than 50,000 euros in prizes.

The event, which kicked off on July 12, featured a LAN area where around 1,000 attendees enjoyed a location with an uninterrupted connection of up to 20 GB of speed. In addition, in the recreation area, where most of the participants were, the Valorant TGG Series and League of Legends competitions took place, which distributed 20,000 euros to their winners.

In ‘Tenerife GG’ more than 12,000 euros were distributed in prizes for fighting video games such as Tekken 7, Street Fighter V or Super Smash Bros., and Hobby GG were workshops at the GameCon space in which more 20 Canarian artists presented their works. were able to promote. , Content Creator or Stan Fest in which As Kpop fans gathered, the cosplay and drag trend was a mainstay of the phenomenon.

It is the end of an event that is already preparing the next edition and has transformed Tenerife into a unique enclave to generate talent and jobs in this industry. The organizer, the Canarian League of eSports Hipardino, is an initiative of the company Hipardino which is a reference for players from all the Canary Islands.

Enrique Arriaga: “‘Tenerife GG’ was a success”

The Councilor for Innovation of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Enrique Arriaga, believes that “the first edition of Tenerife GG was a complete success, not only with the public, a full hall and 15,000 people during all the days of the festivities”. With more visits than in a week, but also in terms of businesses.”

“They met in the auditorium Major experts in the field of games and eBlive awards also took place with more than 25,000 subscribers via streaming. Tenerife is an ideal place for large multinationals developing video games or creating new businesses to establish themselves. It is a very important place of employment for our young people,” explained Arriaga.

Hipardino’s director of marketing and communications, Carlos García, admitted that the “reality” exceeded his “expectations”. “During the six days of this event, I was able to witness for the first time a revolution in gaming and eSports and the number of followers running in this field,” he said.

For his part, the head of the Canarian esports league, Hipardino, Antonio Cabrera, defined “Tenerife GG” as “incredible”. “It’s the result of hard work, a lot of people are excited to start a project that goes beyond a social phenomenon,” he said.

“This can help boost the economic and professional fabric of the islands, broadening the future prospects of Canarians. Entire families have passed through here for professionals, businesses and citizens seeking training. Promoted by Hipardino, Cabaldo de Tenerife and associated brands. For us, it’s the dream start of something that we hope will be huge,” Cabrera concluded.