Fascinating technology

Celebrities share their unbiased opinion

Regardless of our age, we are becoming too dependent on our cell phones. Most of us take photos, film reels and videos anytime, anywhere. Even a meal prompts many to start recording videos or clicking snaps. People sharing selfies taken in restrooms and cinemas are common. Even when meeting a friend or relative, instead of engaging in conversation, many are caught busy on the phone. And most of it is justified as fun.

Social media and technology are like addictions for us. As a generation, we are driven by something that doesn’t make sense in the larger scheme of things. Celebrities talk about it:

Aniruddh Dave

Social networks and social media platforms have given us so much freedom. Today, an 85-year-old baby is trending online. Age is no obstacle, and old people are also in it because they feel young and are able to live in this moment. Little kids can’t walk or talk, but their parents are trying to make them famous on social media. People post everything including their daily activities and it’s their choice. Today, it’s a daily routine for about 65% of people who have to post something on social media. They post the content and think other people are following it. I’ve never been like this, if something big happens, only then do I post. I’m also not a party animal and I don’t post a lot of pictures. A lot of people tell me to be active on social media but yes, I am active on Twitter and post things related to science, politics, technology, movies and music. I like to read good quotes. I follow top scientists, inventors and journalists, UPSC toppers etc. My choice in terms of social networks is different. I am not against those who put their daily routine on social networks because it is their choice. I like to write and read quotes and real spiritual things. I promote Hindi language. Posting photos on social media is not a trend but has become a religion.

Charrul Malik

We are not addicted to it, but completely overwhelmed. It has become such an important part of our life that it becomes irritating in certain situations. Where I shoot, I have a group of friends who do reels because they are used to coming in front of the cameras every day. All actors like to do the same thing, but when it comes to our parents or people who aren’t in our industry, or who aren’t comfortable filming, it becomes very irritating. I always find a balance and keep my personal life private. When I go to family dinners, I don’t film anything and I don’t broadcast it because it’s my personal time with my family, but when you’re in a social neighborhood, you generate content for your Instagram. We are so addicted to taking selfies and shooting reels and videos all the time, especially during dinner and lunch hours, that it gets boring. There is a way to do it because if I’m a pro and others aren’t then you have to avoid doing all that. When we’re in a situation where people are okay with making videos and taking pictures, we can do it because people are happy. We shouldn’t bore anyone and take people for granted. Honestly, we all get caught up in something that doesn’t make sense, it’s just to fill our social networks calling it that we generate content. Too much of anything is bad and too much exposure sometimes isn’t really taken in a good light. On today’s date, you need to strike a balance.

Mitaali Nag

Social media is hugely important in almost everyone’s life these days. Being active on social networks is now part of everyone’s job. In fact, social media itself has generated great money-making opportunities. Yes, I agree that most of the younger generations these days are driven by social media and want to capture every minute of their lives. If you look at the positive side, something that didn’t make sense to a few has become a source of income for a lot of people. I think while social media is important and in some ways a really easy way to stay connected, we shouldn’t totally ditch the organic connection mode and enjoy the raw moment. I always try to keep a balance. There are times when I keep my phone in my bag and just enjoy the moment and the company I’m with. However, I do my best to capture every moment that is precious to me and I want to review it and share it as a reel or videos if I want my fans and friends to be a part of it too.

Navin Prabhakar

Nature’s rule is to keep changing, so the technology-dependent percentage of each expectation is beyond belief. I think in the coming times people will download the kids, technically there is no need for marriage and love and JIO will release a package for that as well. Kidding aside, I think people who rely on social media will be frustrated. At some point there will be a routine flow without emotion and when you miss the emotion there is no meaning in life. I think cell phones, WIFI and selfies are not important, so our pure happiness, friends and families are sources of our power and energy to live, which gives us mental peace. A technical break is so important in a day or in a week that it is a must for all of us.

Sudhanshu Pandey

Technology is meant to improve our lives as it is part of human evolution. It is intended to provide convenience to us in terms of payments, contact with people and many other things. It’s a double-edged sword and there’s always a flip side to it. While this makes things easier for you, it also makes you addicted, so we have to find a balance where we don’t become addicted because then it starts to ruin our lives. Social media is ruining our lives and invading our privacy. People document everything in their daily lives, whether they go to a restaurant or go to the bathroom. There’s nothing personal anymore and it’s a dark age. On the one hand, westerners who move towards spirituality and yoga take you away from all that hustle and bustle and make you realize that spirituality is one of the most important parts of our lives if you want to live a healthy life mentally and physically. But India, where spirituality and yoga was born, we need to create much more awareness about these things so that we can save our generation because there will be nothing left very soon.

Ankur Nayyar

We’re not enjoying life right now. We are busy creating memories for the future and we never have time to look at those images and cherish them. We miss having a warm laugh when we meet our old friends, and we are busy clicking pictures, even when we are traveling and we just click pictures because it becomes a compulsion because everything nowadays is judged by the likes and number of followers you have, regardless of the quality of your content. You may be a fabulous actor, but if you don’t have taste, you’re not a good actor. Your product may be extremely good, like you’re in a bakery, but if you’re not getting likes, it’s not good enough. We are all bound to put any type of content on social media because somewhere or the other we are all hungry for eyeballs. We have to keep putting content and it’s all about networking and how many people you meet, you have to tag them and that’s how followers are going to grow. I feel like we’re missing out on fun. Gone are the days of me doing something because I like doing it and now you’re doing something because people will like to see you do it, like to see your pictures. Today you will do anything to get those likes. I remember my days in college and we used to laugh and have so much fun and it was like living in the moment. I miss those days, even the current generation misses them too because they’re just busy with technology.

Sumit Kaoul

I believe excessive phone use is nothing but an addiction and an example of compulsive behavior. However, this has nothing to do with smartphones. It’s just technology, which aims to make our lives easier. The problem is our inability to consciously manage this amazing technology and rather be controlled by it.

Nikhil Nanda

Phones have overtaken our general lives, which is very negative. As a family we have made a rule that we will all have a meal together and whatever meals we have we will keep our phones aside on silent and no one is allowed to check. Likewise, when I meet my friends, we keep the phones aside. Of course, it is difficult but detoxification of phones is also necessary on a monthly basis. We should also have a day off from our cell phones. I haven’t been able to do it yet but I’ve started working on it. The human touch and warmth you share as friends and families is lost somewhere if you’re stuck on your phones.