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Channing Tatum has an interesting movie remake in the works

Channing Tatum has been cast as the lead in a unique MGM project. The actor will star in an English-language remake of the German film System crash which was released in 2019. After the original’s critical acclaim, Tatum’s version is expected to be a big hit.

System crash is a drama about the foster care system centered on a little girl unraveling her own repressed memories with the help of an anger management coach. The film caused a stir in the European cinema world in 2019 and MGM hopes it will do the same in the United States. According to a report by Deadline, Tatum will serve as a producer on the film in addition to playing the role of a tough but caring anger management coach who helps the heroine get her life back on track. Along the way, they also discover common loves for nature and boxing.

The German version was written and directed by Nora Fingscheidt and won several German film awards, including Best Film. It was also a commercial success throughout Europe. The remake will be set in the United States and will make some changes to focus specifically on the welcome system here.

Tatum’s Free Association production company will produce the remake, which will be titled System crash after its source material. Free Association will work with MGM and The Picture Company, while United Artists Releasing helped facilitate the transaction. Tatum’s producing partners Reid Carolin, Peter Kiernan and Michael Parets are also on board, along with Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona for The Picture Company.

The remake will be written by Garret Levitz who just produced the latest version of Tatum, Dog. Fingscheidt signed on as executive producer along with Peter Hartwig, Jonas Weydemann, and Jakob Weydemann, all of whom worked on the original.

Tatum has a busy schedule ahead of him. He just played in The lost city which hit theaters last month. He co-stars with Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe, among others, in this star-studded adventure comedy. Other projects on his to-do list are more advanced with no official release date, but there are plenty.

Tatum will star in cat island, a film directed and co-written by Zoë Kravitz in the early stages of development. He will also star in the highly anticipated Magic Mike’s Last Dancefollowed by a musical entitled Wingers directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. None of these projects have a release date yet, nor system spitter, but The lost city is now in theaters.