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CHOICE OF MUSIC: DEC 23 – 29 | Choice of music | Salt lake city


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Merry Christmas Folk’n at the Urban Lounge
If you’re still in town these days before the big holidays, head to the Urban Lounge on Thursday, December 23 to feel the holiday spirit with some great locals. At Merry Folk’n Christmas, Vincent Draper & The Culls will perform alongside Fur Foxen and Josh Doss. The Culls have a lot of material to work with, including stuff from their 2021 album Night light. If you still haven’t heard them play, now is the time to do it; a sweet and smoldering journey of atmospheric odes to love sickness, it is still warm enough to adjust to the tender feelings of the holidays. Opener Fur Foxen also released an album this year, a self-titled release of mind-blowing folk. They also have a new single in “Wicked”, a fiery number that vibrates with a growling guitar and a little groovy percussion setup. Finally, Josh Doss Also released an album this year, a dreamy, sweet version of Bob Dylan’s folk poetry. Although these people mix their folk with a few other ingredients, it will always be a merry folk Christmas. The 21+ show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets are $ 10 at theurbanloungeslc.com.

Tribe of I at the Royal
SLC Reggae Heads, Stand Up! This is the Christmas event for you. Again, if you’re hanging out in town with nowhere to go, go out for a night of merriment, but don’t forget your Santa hat. You’ll need them if you’re heading to The Royal, where not only will Tribe of I honor the crowd with the Royal’s traditional reggae on Thursdays, but they’ll also add a bit of Christmas cheer. This “Santa Hat” party is an annual tradition at the place this time of year, and the dress code is in the name. No white beards are required, and this is an establishment where Santa can probably indulge in more than milk and cookies – instead, maybe a beer and reggae jam or two. In addition to topics of interest related to Santa Claus, local reggae troupe Tribe of I released their own pandemic album in 2020, Life in dreams, and there is no doubt that some of the songs will be on display at the show. So find a Santa hat, don your good vibes and head to The Royal on Thursday, December 23. The show is 21 and over, doors are at 6 p.m. and tickets are just $ 6 at theroyalslc.com.

A very merry Christmas party at the Westerner
On Christmas week there is really only one thing to do, and that is to get the Christmas party craving out of your system – so it’s a good thing that we have another Christmas party. Christmas for you here. This one arrives on Saturday, December 25. The Western genre seems to be a non-stop party anytime of the year, with their ever-promising events of line dancing, Jell-O shots, and themed drinks. And this is also true for this Christmas party! The theme of this one, however, is the Ugly Sweater Contest (surprisingly not an ugly Christmas Sweater contest, but dress whatever you like), which will win a prize of $ 100 to the ugliness winner. It is also possible to have a little date with Santa Claus before Christmas if you find yourself at the Westerner’s, to check if you have been mean or nice and maybe he can dissuade you from that next move. by Jell-O. The evening will be complemented by music from the Fox Brothers Band, a hall staple that has made many evenings rowdy with their fiery country rock. This night of Christmas merriment is only barred by an easy, breezy $ 5 blanket, so head to the West and get some cowboy Christmas cheer. This event is 21+ and the bar opens at 6 p.m. Find more information at westernerslc.com.


Zoso at OP Rockwell
One of the best Led Zeppelin tribute bands is coming to Utah soon, and when you listen you’ll slip into a dreamy ’70s world, and hear the real Zep live in their prime. With the last days of 2021 winding down, put Zoso on your to-do list before the New Year arrives, and let yourself be transported out of this wild and crazy time, tapping into classics like “Kashmir” “and” Since I have loved you. ” Among the other exciting tribute groups coming to OP Rockwell in the coming days, Zoso is a staple for the diehard Led Zeppelin. They have been practicing and touring their tribute band around the world since 1995, not only perfecting every note of every hit, but working to portray the whole aura of the band’s spirit and aesthetic. They’ve been hailed over the years as the best of the best when it comes to Zep tribute bands, so make sure you don’t miss them! They will play a hearty set on Monday December 27 at the great OP Rockwell. The show is 21 and over, doors are at 7 p.m. and tickets range from $ 29 to $ 49 at oprockwell.com.


Head Portals at Kilby Court
With the snow, the cold and the holidays, tours are pretty much on a halt for the next couple of weeks, which means if you’re in the mood for a show, now is the time to dive into the few locals that are happening. again. Coming after Christmas, a show with Head Portals, Sindar and Zopilote, a diverse but solid program. Head Portals does stuff that’s hard to pin down – sometimes they have the lax qualities of a good Midwestern emo like Ovlov, but their guitar parts are way too messy to call them emo. But on their two records, those of 2018 Brighter later and 2019 Please be kind they both have the kind of warm, buzzing qualities distinct from good indie rock from early 2010, and it’s also good here in 2021. The last album is a little harder than the last, a little more woozier and more unbalanced, with hypnotic reverb and powerful guitar parts. Overall, Head Portals has a bunch of super fun music to show you if you want to be on one last show before the New Year. They will be joined by mystical prog metal rockers Sindar and two-part doom rockers Zopilote. The show takes place Tuesday, December 28 for all ages, doors are 7 p.m. and tickets are $ 8 on kilbycourt.com.