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Could E-Sport finally arrive at the Olympic Games?

We may one day see Olympic gold medalists in esports, thanks to “League of Legends”.

The idea may sound absurd, but making the game an Olympic sport is a topic that has come up over and over again in recent years. From now on, Riot Games, publisher of the video game “League of Legends”, is said to be in talks with the International Olympic Committee on the possibility of bringing esports to the Olympic Games – a considerable opportunity for the sector, for which it would be a key player. dream come true.

The e-sports giant in talks with the IOC

It is an idea that will not go away. Bringing video games to the Olympics is a real hope for the gaming community, just as it makes some traditional athletes and sportsmen wince. Now, Riot Games – publisher of the “League of Legends” video game – has put the idea back on the agenda. The company is reportedly currently in talks with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to discuss the possibility of incorporating the “League of Legends” into the Olympics.

If the idea of ​​a video game in a sports competition may seem far-fetched, it is in fact something that has been debated for a few years. “League of Legends” is one of the most popular video games in the world, with over 180 million active players as of October. Additionally, the presence of “League of Legends” in an event like the Asian Games 2022 is a first milestone on the road to seeing eSports at the Olympics.

The Asian Games will have seven other esports titles, each considered as a sport in its own right and therefore as medals for the ranking. It is a major step for esports.

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Recognize esports

“League of Legends” previously featured at the Asian Games in 2018, but only as a demonstration event, in which China was victorious. If this project will be closely followed by the different industries concerned, its success could well give the IOC ideas.

The presence of a video game at the Olympic Games could upset the world of e-sport, not to mention that of the Olympic Games. Indeed, the line between what “should” be considered a sport or not would become even more blurred. The International Olympic Committee has undoubtedly followed closely the results of the “League of Legends” world championship.

After the victory of the Chinese EDG team, scenes of jubilation were seen in several regions of the country to celebrate the title victory – an astonishing image for esports. In China, esports are estimated to have around 400 million fans and viewers, according to the most recent figures cited by People’s Daily.

The process for the League of Legends to become an Olympic sport will likely take a long time, especially since it will involve the IOC recognizing esports as a whole. Additionally, 2028 would be the earliest date fans could hope to see this change. The Tokyo Olympics introduced surfing and skateboarding in 2020 while Paris 2024 will host a breakdance event. All in all, it will probably be a few more years before any players become Olympic medalists.

This article was published via AFP Relaxnews.

(Featured Image: Florian Olivo / Unsplash and League of Legends)

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