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DC confirmed Spawn’s movie villain is stronger than Darkseid, who is mad

Darkseid’s pursuit of multiverse power came to a halt when he faced off against a villain version from another company!

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Justice League Incarnate # 3, on sale now from DC Comics.

Darkseid’s pursuit of the power of the multiverse is interrupted when he encounters the Annihilator, DC’s fused version of Image Comics’ demonic Violator. Supercharged by power outside the multiverse, the Annihilator devastates this world’s superhero teams and even manages to overpower the ultimate version of Darkseid.

In Justice League incarnate # 3 (by Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver, Ariel Olivetti, Nik Virella, Todd Nauck, Mikel Janin, Andrei Bressan, Tom Napolitano and Hi-Fi), Darkseid sets the perfect trap, waiting to trap them as DC editor . The world that Doctor Multiverse and President Superman are in looks like ours, so in order to dismiss the scattered members of JLI, the two must create a story where they can bring them back from their different worlds. The two stumble upon Darkseid’s disguise as Ulrich Saxman, a DC editor apparently made up for this issue entirely.

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At the start of the issue, hosted by the Nimrod Squad (a fusion of Youngblood members and DC heroes), Captain Carrot is quickly drawn into battle with the Earth-41 Annihilator. Earth-41 is a universe designed by Grant Morrison to resemble the WildStorm universe and image comics from the 1990s. With Spore, a mix of Spawn and Swamp Thing, most of the characters in Earth-41 are fusions. of DC and Image characters.

Nimrod Squad’s main enemy is the Annihilator, a twisted version of Spawn’s great rival, Violator. Its objective is to bring Earth-41 into the Dark, the name of Rot in this world. Possessing the multiversal crack, this Annihilator is supercharged, easily defeating anyone who fights him. Accelerated by the power of multiversal crack, the Annihilator seems unstoppable. Even the arrival of Darkseid, President Superman, Doctor Multiverse, and The Flash don’t do much to hold him back.

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Darkseid dismisses JLI’s limbs but finds himself surprisingly immobilized by the Annihilator, who moves to take out Darkseid only for Doctor Multiverse to grab the fissure and finally shut it down, trapping the Flash forever on the other side. This version of Darkseid is the culmination of all of his Multiversal Beings, the first Darkseid for which there is no other version in any other universe, meaning he is perhaps the most powerful version in this day. When confronted with Earth-8s Tartarus (DC version of Marvel’s Thanos), Darkseid referred to this previous version as an inferior Darkseid. Time and time again, Darkseid has faced the great villains of the multiverse and dominated them with ease. Yet bolstered by the multiversal crack, the Annihilator is more than a match for Darkseid.

Not only does this suggest that the Violator pastiche is an exceptionally good conduit for multiversal power, but it may also prove that the energy beyond this crack may well be the most powerful force in DC comics. However, the location of the fissure is unstable, moving across the multiverse, and what lies beyond – known only as The Great Darkness – is more powerful. It’s probably safe to assume that this isn’t Spawn’s most powerful villain, the devil Malebolgia, unbelievably as that may be, but Darkseid is heading for a showdown with him that could devastate the multiverse.

Still, that says a lot that DC’s ultimate version of Darkseid was easily constrained by a version of the ’90s villainous Spawn Violator, loaded by just one. rift in the multiverse. It’s amazing that DC even suggests that anything outside of its crop of local characters could even scratch the perpetually “more powerful than anyone” Darkseid. What other mysteries can emerge in this series – whether it’s power sources or villains leaping into the universe – remains to be seen, but so far it was amazing to see the new god the most powerful of all go so bad violated.

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