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Did Pat Mahomes really ban his brother and his fiancée from the Chiefs Games?

[Story Contains Update Below]: A report circulated on social media Friday morning alleging the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes forbade his fiancée Brittany Matthews and his brother Jackson Mahomes to attend Chiefs games this coming season.

While some Twitter users say “This might be the best offseason move the Chiefs will have this year”, that’s just not true. A source told TMZ Sports that the conversation leading to the report never happened.

Mahomes himself too tweeted Friday afternoon, “You just do stuff these days 😂😂😂”

A report from the host and NFL analyst Rich Ohrnberger said he was told “Patrick Mahomes sat down after the season with his brother and his fiancé. In the end, it ended with him asking them not to attend games this coming season. Unsurprisingly, Mahomes believes that Jackson and Brittany have become a distraction, and their side antics are bad for his brand. A lot can change in an offseason, but for now that’s the story as it was told to me. told.”

(UPDATE): Ohrnberger would take the Jason Smith Show on Fox Sports Radio later Friday and admitting that he failed to properly verify his source and ultimately took responsibility for posting the inaccurate report.

Ohrnberger: “It’s interesting when you’re handed information that appears to be true from a source that you assume has been verified. I’m not trying to play a victim here because I feel contrition for spreading a false story that has become viral. But the problem is that we live in a time where a lot of stuff on social media is trying to trick you into believing things that just aren’t true. However, that’s my job and my responsibility as a broadcaster to check sources and other reporters for the truth on any subject, and I made a mistake in not doing so.

Here’s Ohrenerger’s full take below:

A source told TMZ that Mahomes said he “can’t wait for his loved ones to cheer him on in 2022.”