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WHAT: “Lifemark”, a two-hour film depicting the adoption story of local lawyer David Scotton and how he met his birth mother as a teenager. Christian actor Kirk Cameron and Alex and Stephen Kendrick serve as executive producers; Kevin Peeples co-writes and directs.

WHEN: September 9-15 at AMC WestBank Palace, 1151 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey; AMC Elmwood, 1200 Elmwood Park Blvd., Harahan; and Movie Tavern Covington, 201 North Hwy. 190 Covington.

BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE: https://tickets.lifemarkmovie.com; Group tickets are available at https://lifemarkmovie.com/tickets/

By Christine Bordelon
Bugle Herald

Life is precious, and no one knows that better than David Scotton. His birth mother, Melissa Coles, gave him up for adoption at birth to a Louisiana couple unable to have children.

“I’m here because (Melissa) made the tough decision not to have an abortion,” Scotton said. “She was brave.”

Scotton’s story is now the movie, “Lifemark,” which hits theaters September 9. The film’s executive producers are brothers Stephen and Alex Kendrick and actor Kirk Cameron, who plays Scotton’s adoptive father. Actor Raphael Ruggero portrays Scotton.

Its director Kevin Peeples said Alex Kendrick gave him the documentary the film is based on, “I Lived on Parker Avenue,” to watch.

Peeples previously directed the documentary “The 5 Day Adoption” about a family adopting a baby in five days. Scotton’s story expanded that.

“Lifemark offered the opportunity to break down more misconceptions and share this common thread with a wider audience. I loved all aspects of David’s story, but was also thrilled to use the David’s story to help adoptees overcome any fears they may have about accepting adoption or possibly meeting their birth parents.

While the film was being shot in Columbus, Georgia, Scotton said he was consulted often to ensure it stayed true to his life story.

“They were great all the way through,” he said, although the part about him being a great wrestler was dramatized and more humor was added.

“They were really respectful of it being true and wanted us to be really happy with it. And we’re all very happy with it,” Scotton said.

Documentary touched hearts

Scotton first shared his adoption story as a student at Jesuit High School in 2011. Shortly after making this public talk, his birth mother contacted him.

They first corresponded on social media before Scotton agreed to meet her in 2013. The week he spent in Columbus, Indiana with her, her family and her biological father Brian Nicholas was filmed and turned into “I lived on Parker Avenue”. released in 2018. (Coles later came to visit Scotton in New Orleans to see what his life had become.)

Since the release of this documentary, Scotton and her family have toured the United States to discuss her journey of meeting her birth mother and promoting the beauty of adoption. It was during one of these talks that an acquaintance of Cameron heard the story and sent him the documentary.

Cameron and, later, the Kendricks watched it, and the idea of ​​expanding the documentary into a film was born.

During a phone conversation, Scotton said Cameron told him, “My wife (Chelsea) told me I had to watch it.”

“He started crying while watching the movie,” Scotton recalled, telling Cameron. “He said, ‘It has to be a feature film. I will never forget that moment.”

“We did a good job (with the documentary), but they can reach a wider audience than us,” said Scotton, 28.

Scotton and Coles have cameos in the film – David portrays the adoptive family’s lawyer and Coles is the nurse who hands over the newborn to the Scottons. His adoptive mother Susan plays a nurse.

Precious life given

Scotton stays in touch with her birth parents and has even bumped into Coles during her speaking engagements, as she now openly discusses adoption. In the spring, he spoke at Canada’s March for Life.

Now a lawyer, Scotton said he met his wife Piper Didier while in law school at Louisiana State University. They were married at St. Patrick’s Church by Bishop Gregory Aymond in October 2021. He handles business litigation and had the opportunity to do adoptions.

“I did my first earlier this year,” he said. “It was so rewarding.”

Scotton is encouraging attendance for the film’s September 9-15 release at 1,386 theaters nationwide.

“Opening weekend is so important,” Scotton said. “We have to show Hollywood that they shouldn’t have turned this movie down. If it does well this weekend, the chances of it being extended are greater.

Brothers Kendrick and Scotton agreed that the film’s release could not have been better timed – coinciding with the recent Supreme Court decision reversing Roe v. Wade.

“It’s divinely inspired for a time like this that God wanted us to release this movie,” Stephen Kendrick said in a social media post. “The church has an incredible opportunity to rise up with inspiration, hope and healing for people on both sides of the pro-life debate and specifically to talk about the beauty of adoption and what can happen when people do trusting God in a crisis.”

Scotton is thrilled to show the beauty of adoption by giving someone a life.

“We need to talk about adoption on all three sides,” Scotton said. “The side of the adoptee, the side of the biological parents – not only the birth mother, but also the biological father – and the parents of the adoptee (side). This is why ‘Lifemark’ is so unique. This shows the reality of adoption from all three angles.

The title, “Lifemark”, was chosen to mark the day someone chooses life.

“We hope the young mothers in the audience will choose life and be encouraged to mark the day they chose life,” Scotton said. “It is a courageous and courageous choice that should not be forgotten. We hope this film will save lives. We hope to raise awareness of the option of adoption with the simple message that adoption is beautiful.

He said he thinks the film will stimulate dialogue in adopting families to help their adopted children overcome their fears. Scotton “also hopes that more families will be encouraged to foster and adopt. And feels that the church needs to wrap its arms around the young and the scared and show them that they don’t have to abort their babies, and they don’t have to go through this alone.

“I’m here because my birth mother left an abortion clinic,” Scotton said. “I’m here because my mother chose adoption.”

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