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CCUMC updates its identity with a new name: Educational Technology Collaborative

The Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC) has announced a name change: the association of higher education technologists will now be known as the Educational Technology Collective (ETC). The name change, finalized by member vote, “speaks to the range of what the organization does, encompassing user experience, media, networking and future innovation while moving away from a dated language and emphasizing the value of community and the culture of cooperation within ETC,” the organization explained in a press release.

The CCUMC has been connecting information technology professionals in higher education, broadcasting, library and media since 1974, the organization said. As ETC, it will continue to provide “a platform for professional connection within the academic technology industry, fostering cooperative problem solving and leading the implementation and management of instructional technologies that support advanced teaching and quality learning.

“As an organization, we are honoring our history while looking to the future. The rebranding clarifies our common foundation to better connect our members, attract new members and take us into the future,” said the president. of the association, Don Merritt, in a press release. “I commend the work of the Rebranding Task Force for its foresight and vision in moving us forward in this exciting new direction.”

For more information, visit the ETC site.

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