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Emma Stone’s Funniest Movie Roles, Ranked

Whether it’s the geek-chic queen or the girl next door, you might recognize Emma Stone classic crowd-pleasing favorites such as Easy, Crazy and stupid love, and The Amazing Spider-Man movies. She’s funny, she’s energizing, she’s gorgeous, and she’s incredibly talented on screen. His clever humor doesn’t just prove itself on screen either; they are simply part of who she is. “In the past, making a film… I was told that I was obstructing the process by bringing up an opinion or an idea,” she told Rolling Stone. “There were times when I improvised, they laughed at my joke and then gave it to my male co-star,” highlighting the continuing divide between good quality comedy opportunities and sex and difficulty of being a woman in Hollywood.

Even at 33, Stone’s most notable accolades include an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Award. In 2017, she was the highest paid actress in the world and named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Stone’s other most critically acclaimed and commercially successful films are super bad, zombieland, Ugly, birdman, The Earth, Battle of the sexes, The favouriteand Cruelsome of which feature in our list below of his best comedy roles.

With an active career spanning nearly two decades, having made her television debut as Laurie Partridge on the VH1 talent competition reality show Finding the New Partridge Family in 2004, Stone proved herself worthy of her reputation as Hollywood’s favorite funny woman. These are our favorite roles in which Emma Stone made us cringe, whether she was the butt of the prank or its enforcer.

ten Battle of the Sexes – Billie Jean King

The sweatbands, mullet hairstyle, and giant glasses make you look like we’re in for a good laugh at Stone, and even though the Academy didn’t go for her low-key performance in Battle of the sexesin which she was somewhat overshadowed by Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs, it’s a great movie nonetheless.

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The film is based on Billie Jean King became an entertaining comedy-drama depicting the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs; the most-watched televised sporting event of all time. When Bobby claims he can beat any woman in a tennis match, King agrees to play him on his own terms. Billie Jean’s relationship with love interest Marilyn Barnett emphasizes King’s struggle with his sexuality which Stone portrays very naturally.

9 Superb – Jules

Playing Jonah Hill’s love interest and the typical popular high school girl who throws a party, Emma Stone shines despite the childish nature of super bad. Alongside great performances from Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, Emma Stone plays the charming and funny Jules in her very first movie, which helped her land more roles, pushing her forward in her career. She then appeared in The Rocker with who Alohais probably best not to mention it.

8 Zombieland – Wichita

Next to a pre-The social network Jesse Eisenberg, Stone’s sharp sarcasm contributes to this wildly funny zombie film, a template for American zom-com at its finest. Portrayed as Columbus-loving Wichita (Jesse Eisenberg), Stone plays a con man, alongside Little Rock (Abigail Breslin), who steals Columbus and Tallahassee’s (Woody Harrelson) guns and car before finally taking them in. hostage and agree to a truce in the name of survival. Having already proven herself as a comedy connoisseur to date, her role as Wichita only complemented her efforts and proved her ability to display superb on-screen chemistry with other acting talents. comical.

7 Friends with Benefits — Kayla

Although a very brief stint in this slumber party favorite, Emma Stone nonetheless shines in her fleeting appearance in this Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis rom-com. In the first minutes of Friends with benefits as Timberlake’s fictional girlfriend who throws him out on the street after he arrives late for a movie date. Brief as it may be, it lingers in our minds for its playful sparkle, proving that something short but sweet can steal a scene.

6 The House Rabbit (2008) – Natalie

It would be easy for Emma Stone to get lost among a sea of ​​hilarious women in this stellar line-up, featuring Anna Faris, Kat Dennings and Kiely Williams, but Stone holds her own as the goofy pretty girl in The bunny house. As the silly sorority sister that Anna’s former Playboy Bunny takes under her wing, we see Emma, ​​once again, donning her nerdy side in big glasses, while also channeling our teen girl energy. favorite next door (perhaps a leaning towards her roles as Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man movies). She’s funny and relatable here, where we also get a beloved makeover montage on Avril Lavigne’s hit. Friendin which Anna Faris states, “to dress sexy is to simplify”, and “the eyes are the nipples of the face”.

5 La La Land — Mia Dolan

For Damien Chazelle’s musical about an actress and a jazz pianist who fall in love in Los Angeles, Stone won her first Oscar as Mia Dolan in a classic tale of “the one who got away,” in which she deepens the on-screen chemistry she shared with Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. “I needed someone who would make mainstream music relevant and accessible to people who think they don’t like musicals,” The Earth screenwriter and director Damien Chazelle told Rolling Stone. “Emma is very modern, but she also has a timelessness.”

4 Crazy Stupid Love – Hannah Weaver

In crazy and stupid lovewith her constant sarcasm, energy and awkwardness, Stone gives her character the reality of an everyday girl we can all relate to, as she grapples with Gosling’s soft-spoken man , whom she encourages to take off her shirt in this film and exposes her hot “photoshopped” body, for which a grateful nation thanks her.

3 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past – Allison Vandermeersh

In this reimagined adaptation of Dickens A Christmas Carol, Emma plays Matthew McConaughey’s silly high school ex-girlfriend. She returns from the past to guide the womanizer he has become on the first stage of his love journey. Spotted in a perm and an acid-wash jacket, Stone is the freakishly maniacal ex-girlfriend we’d all love to avoid, but her small role in Ghosts of girlfriends past drives the narrative forward with hilarious zest and humor, as she reveals McConaughey’s character’s objectifying ways and shows him how he must change to prove his realized love for the angelic Jennifer Garner.

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2 The Favorite – Abigail Masham

When The favourite released in theaters in 2018, no one could stop talking about it. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, this delightfully wicked and funny comedy-drama sets Stone alongside Rachel Weiss and Olivia Colman in the early 18th century. England is at war with the French and a frail Queen Anne occupies the throne; her close friend Lady Sarah rules the country while dealing with Anne’s poor health and mercurial temper. A new servant, Abigail (Stone), arrives. One night, she sees her cousin Sarah (Rachel Weisz), the Queen’s most trusted adviser, having sex with the Queen, and sets out to seduce the Queen herself by any means necessary. This role and the other performances are an absolute joy to watch.

1 Easy A — Olive Penderghast

Her iconic role as Olive Penderghast proved Stone to be an absolute sensation. In this modern tale by Nathaniel Hawthorne The scarlet letter which pays homage to John Hughes’ iconic 80s teen movies, Easy features Emma with her finest “all-girl” charm as a comically intriguing as she unleashes clever dialogue with veteran comic timing.

Penderghast pretends to lose his virginity to a gay classmate at a party and quickly becomes the talk of the school. Rather than clearing up the confusion, Olive plays with her new reputation inspired by The scarlet letter protagonist Hester Prynn and dons a red A across her chest. As Stone’s first leading role in a film, she exploits the opportunity to deliver a sensationally entertaining performance. She appropriates the film with her enigmatic talent and contagious sympathy.

Emma Stone is confirmed to return in Cruella 2

Emma Stone is confirmed to return in Cruella 2

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