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Epic Games nerfed Fortnite materials with latest update

Epic Games made some big changes to Fortnite Battle Royale with the latest update released on Tuesday, June 21; the first major update for Chapter 3 Season 3.

The latest update also brought some major gameplay changes. Specifically, Epic Games nerfed several game features, including the harvest rate of certain materials.

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Fortunately, the developers have released many new cosmetic items in the game, including free items that can be obtained by completing challenges. Cosmetics for upcoming Fortnite x Naruto collaborations have also been added.

Epic also released several changes to the map, bringing back Chapter 1 locations with a twist.

Harvest rates for some Fortnite materials have been reduced

Players who enjoy playing classic modes like Build know the importance of getting materials early in the game. Wood is the weakest material in the game, but it’s the easiest to get because it comes from many different sources. Metal, on the other hand, is the strongest material but it is quite rare to find.

Many players have their favorite landing spots and harvesting routes that they follow every game. Unfortunately, some of them will have to change their strategy as the latest update nerfed some Fortnite materials.

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YouTuber GKI, who is well known for finding glitches in the game, recently posted a video of Fortnite nerfed materials. It turns out that Epic Games nerfed wooden pallets because they now produce less material than before.

The content creator recorded himself harvesting a large wooden pallet, which only gave him 10 wood. The small palette, on the other hand, gave him 12 pieces.

Wooden pallets were once one of the most efficient ways to harvest Fortnite materials. A single pallet would sometimes even give more than 50 wood, but this is no longer the case.

Even though the YouTuber only showed off one item with the nerfed materials, Epic Games may have made similar changes to other items as well.

The nerf should be restored soon

The fact that Epic Games decided to nerf wooden pallets is very disappointing. They had been a great source of wood for over four years, but the latest update completely destroyed them.

What made wooden pallets so amazing was their life points. Players only had to hit them a few times with a pickaxe, but they would provide plenty of wood. Breaking a few large paddles would be enough for almost the entire game.

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The latest gameplay nerf may not have been intentional, and players are hoping it will be. It’s possible that this is just a bug caused by many other things being released with the update.

The devs are probably familiar with GKI’s YouTube channel as it posts a lot of issues, which is a good thing in this case. The community hopes that this change will be rolled back soon, as pallets are supposed to be great for earning wood.

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