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Every Kingsman movie, ranked from worst to best (including The King’s Man)


Kingsman is a franchise created by director Matthew Vaughn, based on the comic book series by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, and here’s how we rank the top three Kingsman movies. The first comic, titled “The Secret Service” was released in 2012, which focused on street thug Gary “Eggsy” Unwin who is taken in by his uncle to train him as a super-spy for the organization. Kingsman. The comic was later renamed “Kingsman” after the success of the first film, putting the title more prominently. Vaughn had already adapted Millar’s Kick ass in a feature and went to work on Kingsman: Secret Service, writing a screenplay with her dating writing partner Jane Goldman. The film adaptation changed a number of elements of the comic book, but still followed the basic premise, setup, and general concept, building the world of the Kingsman for the big screen. Vaughn would go on to direct the sequel, Kingsman: the golden circle, along with the newly released prequel, The king’s man.


Millar is the prolific comic book writer who worked at Marvel and DC for a long time before moving on to creator-owned books through Image comics with his Millarworld imprint. Millar wrote Marvel Civil War, Old Man Logan, and was one of the architects of The Ultimate (a.k.a The Avengers), all of which served as major inspiration for their film adaptations. Millar recently signed a deal with Netflix to develop several adaptations of his books, including the recently canceled Jupiter’s legacy. Vaughn is the director of a number of stylish hits, including a number of comic book adaptations. Her skinny vibrant action with cheeky comedy is present in the majority of her films, from Layer Cake, Stardust, X-Men: First Class, and Kick ass (which will be restarted soon), which exceptionally results in the Kingsman franchise.

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The series bolsters a star-studded cast across all three films, starting with the lead role of the first two, Taron Egerton as Eggsy. Kingsman: Secret Service served as Egerton’s big acting break and launched him into stardom, as he had the benefit of working with veteran actors in supporting roles. Colin Firth plays well against the guy as Eggsy’s uncle and mentor Harry Hart playing an action star for the first time in his career. Samuel L. Jackson and Sofia Boutella play the main villains of the first film, with Mark Strong, Michael Caine and Mark Hamill also in attendance. The golden circle brought back Egerton and Firth, as well as Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Sir Elton John, Pedro Pascal, Bruce Greenwood and Emily Watson. The last movie, The king’s man, a prequel to the first two, features a new cast that includes Ralph Fiennes, Charles Dance, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Djimon Hounsou, Matthew Goode and Harris Dickinson, completing a solid franchise assembly.

3. The king’s man

man of kings

Vaughn’s prequel to the first two films, The king’s man, is a mixed bag, because it’s the most serious of the franchise, with a strong emotional disposition and a lot less humor. It attempts to recreate the hyperkinetic energy of the original films with varying degrees of success, but the inconsistent tone often makes it seem like it’s out of place, as The king’s man can’t decide if he wants the audience to take him seriously or just have fun. Ralph Fiennes is the leader, Orlando Oxford, the founder of The Kingsman organization, which attempts to manipulate world events without resorting to violence, ultimately finding that his hand can be forced for lasting results. The film stars Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, Harris Dickinson, Matthew Goode, and Rhys Ifans (as the deliciously fun version of Rasputin), all of whom are pulling their weight, but that’s not enough to overcome the charm, style. , the action and rhythm of the previous entries, whatever their star power.

2. Kingsman: the golden circle


The first sequel in the series, Kingsman: the golden circle, finds Eggsy now a full-fledged Kingsman facing issues of loss and engagement, while trying to track down and stop a ruthless drug dealer (Julianne Moore) who blackmailed the world after releasing a heavily addictive drug . Eggsy, again played by Egerton, easily falls back into the role, once again aided by Mark Strong’s pragmatic Merlin, as they venture to America to team up with their Kingsman counterparts, The Statesman, who include Channing Tatum, Pedro Pascal, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges all doing their best in the South. The action is just as over the top as the first film with the signature Henry Jackman themes working in the South Corner to great effect. The story is much more convoluted than Secret service and feels overloaded with characters, but Harry’s return from Colin Firth and a wild final act makes up for the often silly things (like an outrageous Elton John swearing every time) and brings back the energetic style that made the first movie so fun, even if he can’t quite beat it.

1. Kingsman: the secret service


Vaughn takes Millar’s comic book premise and turns it into a real spy / action thread with Kingmsan: the secret service, featuring crazy gadgets, colorful villains, enigmatic heroes, scorching humor and style to spare. Egerton’s Eggsy is as charming as he is dangerous, which makes him a hero who also has an advantage. Firth’s turn as Harry, a polished Kingsman agent, is a great genre-defying job for the actor, who goes against the guy as a Bond-style super-spy. Samuel L. Jackson plays the villain with a lisp with fiery madness, while Sofia Boutella’s Gazelle is a super villain gimmick. The music, energy and intense action make The Secret Service such a thrilling watch, especially when Harry destroys an entire church full of brainwashed villains in one take of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird”, creating the coolest action sequences ever put in theaters. Henry Jackman’s Score Creates a Strong Signature Kingsman theme, which gives the film more weight as a franchise starter, which is skillfully handled by Vaughn’s manic vigor, making Secret service the best of the bunch.

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