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Expeditions: Rome Developer Logic Artists Shuts Down to Make NFT Games

There is bad news for fans of Expeditions franchise — Expeditions: Rome Developer Logic Artists is shutting down and joining Dynasty Studios to make NFT games.

Expeditions: Rome launched today, just over a year after the game was first revealed. It’s a solid entry into the franchise, but it also appears to be the last: Logic Artists is closing its doors and joining Dynasty Studios to create NFT games.

Why Expeditions: Rome Developer Logic Artists shuts down

Expeditions: Rome Developer Logic Artists is closing its doors to join Dynasty Studios, a new developer focused on making NFT games.

Like VentureBeat reports (Going through Reddit), Dynasty Studios is a game developer that has raised $5 million in funding to create “high-quality” NFT games. News about new NFT games or NFT game developers aren’t particularly interesting on their own, but what is interesting is buried a little further in the text of the article.

Dynasty Studios spun off from Logic Artists, a Denmark-based game studio founded in 2011. It has created games such as the Expeditions series of titles, and it is finishing work on Expeditions: Rome, which will be published by THQ Nordic. After that, Logic Artists will end and its staff will join Dynasty Studios.

Further evidence of this closure can be found in the now defunct Careers page on the Logic Artists website – note how an archived version of the page lists several openings for the business. Now, the link to the Careers webpage links to the homepage of the site and to the Careers webpage itself 404s. Dynasty Studios, however, lists more than two dozen openings at its studios in Copenhagen and Istanbul – the same two cities where Logic Artists had offices.

Finally, a developer commented on the closing of the studio on Expeditions: Rome Steam Community Forums, clarifying two points about the move from Logic Artists to Dynasty Studios.

I feel the need to clarify two things.

First of all, not everyone who worked on Expeditions: Rome will be joining Dynasty.

Second, as others have pointed out here, the Expeditions series has been owned by THQ Nordic since before Rome began development. Creation of Dynasty will not affect Rome support or DLC plans.

As for Dynasty, I can’t really talk about it because I have nothing to do with it 🙂

Logic Artists is best known for the Expeditions franchise; apart from the recent release of Expeditions: Romehe also published Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking. He was also working on the Divinity: Original Sin spin off Deity: Fallen Heroesbut that game was eventually put on “indefinite hold”.