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Fans debate what the greatest Christmas horror movie is

While they aren’t generally considered the most common types of movies that people watch during Christmas time, there are still plenty of Christmas-themed horror movies out there. As such, genre fans tend to watch these movies rather than more traditional Christmas classics. It’s definitely one of the most interesting perks of being a horror fan, and now some fans online are debating what the greatest Christmas horror movie is. With so many to choose from, ranging from those that are relatively kid-friendly to those that are definitely not, it’s really an exciting debate.

This particular debate started on Reddit, where one use opened the conversation by calling Gremlins their favorite Christmas horror movie. They also listed several other genre titles such as the original Black christmas and also the modern classic by Michael Dougherty Krampus.

As you can see below:

What do you think is the greatest Christmas horror movie of all time? from horror

Its list clearly shows how far the specter of a Christmas horror movie can go. After all, the two Gremlins and Krampus tend to be suitable for children, even if they stretch the horror elements a bit. In fact, the 1984 film Gremlins is one of the reasons that the PG-13 rating was even created. But since they can usually be viewed by entire families, these are more obvious choices. The original Black christmas, on the other hand, is much darker. It’s actually a prototype slasher movie and the one that arguably inspired John Carpenter’s movie. Halloween. If fear and tension are on your Christmas list, then Black christmas is definitely the perfect choice.

There are many other choices listed in the Reddit thread. Some users have suggested movies like the anthology movie Christmas Horror Story, as good as Rare exports: a Christmas story. Another great mention is Silent Night, Deadly Night, part 2, a very weird sequel to a much darker and more subversive slasher classic. And of course there are actually several more Silent night, deadly night movies you can also choose from.

This shows that horror movies are suitable for any holiday season or any time of the year. As such, horror fans arguably have the best of Christmas time.

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