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Film Music Competition 2022: registration now open

LONDON, June 14, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – This year’s unique international competition has officially launched for all music and film artists to submit their compositions and films with original scores.


FMC-Film Music Contest is the largest international music competition and awards of its kind in Europe for composers of original music for film, television, advertising and video games. For sound designers, groups, musicians, instrumentalists, soloists, producers, filmmakers and videographers, without age limit and without distinction of nationality or country of origin.

The FMC 2022 organizing team is delighted to welcome all talented artists with their original music and audiovisual works and will seek them out in all countries on all continents.

Along with the opening of the competition, the official FMC 2022 video trailer was also unveiled: https://youtu.be/ocMPxEYAioc

Registration for all four contest categories is now open and offers several ways to enter. Candidates may present musical compositions, films or videos with original scores that they have already prepared in the following categories: 1. Instrumental music; or 2. Music for film, television, commercials, video games. Alternatively, contestants have a unique opportunity to work on visually appealing film or video game-based competition material specially designed for this year in the following categories: 3. Film Scoring “Casino.sk” or 4. Video Game Scoring “Die by the blade”.

This year, the Music Score for Visual Media categories of the competition will once again feature visually appealing material allowing participants to be creative in their musical composition and hone their compositional skills.

You can register for CME 2022 and all competition categories online at the official competition website here: www.fmcontest.com

“These categories are definitely open to any musician or composer, so everyone is sure to find the category they identify with in terms of musical composition and arrangement. “a new song, working on attractive visuals, and doing the final mix and mastering in your studio before delivering the inputs is very interesting and very creative. Judging by the responses of our competitors from previous years, this is also a way for many artists to have fun and take a break from their daily work, which we are very happy with,” said FMC Director Vlado Zeleznak Jr.

Who will decide the winners?

The prestigious international jury of the FMC is composed of composers, musicians from the EU, the United States, Asia, Australia, the professional elite of the music and film industry, working for Hollywood, studios Asian and European cinema companies, television broadcasters, Netflix, etc.

Past and current FMC judges, along with short biographies, have been posted in the judging section of the official website here: https://www.fmcontest.com/jury/

During the 75th International Film Festival in Cannes, France, and its film market, the Marche du film, where the creators of FMC presented the event to new partners, the creators of the competition joined forces during a video call with the president of the jury, Vlado Meller. After working on the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest album, Meller said, “I’m looking forward to FMC 2022 and all the contestants and their original compositions, especially in the instrumental music category because it will be very interesting to compare. level with previous years.”

On the heels of its new media partnerships with SOS–Sound On Sound and Music Connection, the FMC-Film Music Contest is delighted to welcome Universal Audio alongside its long-standing partners.

This new partner, one of the premier music companies in the world, probably needs no introduction to a musician. For many, the first things that come to mind upon hearing the name are pioneering sound recording, innovative recording products from the very beginning of the company, exceptional product quality, cutting-edge design and equipment and standards popular in recording studios around the world. We are honored to welcome Universal Audio aboard FMC 2022: “The world leader in Thunderbolt audio interfaces, analog recording hardware, and UAD audio plug-ins.” This partner’s new, high-value hardware will be included in the unique and highly desirable CMF 2022 winner prize package.

Moreover, the winners will also enjoy great media attention and receive other interesting and attractive media prizes.

FMC would also like to thank all the long-time partners who have been with us since the beginning, such as D16 Group Audio Software, PSPaudioware, Meze Audio and others who have worked with FMC to reward the best candidates with high quality products. music software and hardware.
Information on all prizes can be found on our new official website here: https://www.fmcontest.com/prizes/

All applicants have only a few months left to register for CME 2022. The deadline for registration and submission of all applications is September 12, 2022.

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