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God of War Ragnarök could really be two games in one

God of War Ragnarok will bring the series’ Norse saga to a close, and a lengthy two-part finale could justify delays and wrap up a mythical three-act story.

In order to God of War Ragnarök to wrap up the series’ Norse saga, the upcoming sequel is expected to be much longer and grander than its 2018 predecessor. Santa Monica Studios’ latest game has breathed new life into the long-running PlayStation series by bringing in protagonist Kratos and his son Atreus on a journey into the Nordic wilderness. The emotional story of fatherhood and cyclical bloodshed serves as the beginning of an all-new mythological epic. God of War Ragnarok ends the Norse story, apparently, and its lengthy development suggests it could be a particularly grand finale.

Directed by series veteran Cory Barlog, 2018 God of the war gives the franchise a fresh start by exploring new mythology, revamping gameplay, and delivering a more personal story. The game sees Kratos and Atreus travel to the highest peak of the Nine Kingdoms to scatter the ashes of the boy’s mother, Faye. The result is a mythological road trip as Kratos and Atreus travel to various magical realms, conquer hordes of monstrous threats, and encounter various Norse gods like Baldur, Freya, and the super-powered sons of Thor, Magni, and Modi. God of the war 2018 The ending is an obvious cliffhanger, with many fans originally expecting the game to start a new Norse trilogy.


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Announced in 2020, God of War Ragnarok is set to pick up where the previous title left off while bringing the Norse story to a surprisingly early end. The highly anticipated title has seen some delays, with the game being pushed back from its original 2021 release window to 2022. This means that God of War Ragnarok has undoubtedly passed the four-year development cycle of 2018 God of the wardespite the sequel looking to reuse that game’s engine and gameplay style. Given the title’s solid foundation to build on, many fans wonder why a God of War Ragnarok the release date has yet to be revealed.

God Of War Ragnarok Could Be Twice The Size Of The 2018 Game

Will God Of War Ragnarok Release In 2022

Based on its long development cycle and the fact that it will conclude the Norse saga of the series, it would be suitable for God of War Ragnarok be twice as large as its predecessor. A long development portends a long game, which would suit by Ragnarok task of linking the northern scenario. The duo have yet to meet key characters like Thor, Odin, Freyr, Heimdall, and Surtr, and three of the Nine Realms have yet to be visited. Split God of War Ragnarok into two distinct halves, as The last of us part 2, would help solidify the two-act play of a three-act story. Explore the world before and after Ragnarök, or maybe make Atreus playable in God of War Ragnarok after Kratos’ death, would be ways to establish the two distinct halves of the game.

While 2018 God of the war planted seeds for an exciting sequel, God of War Ragnarok has not yet set a firm release date. The COVID-19 pandemic likely contributed to the game’s delay, but exceptional length and ambition could also be responsible for the sequel’s lengthy development. By integrating the story and gameplay of two games into God of War RagnarokSanta Monica Studios can deliver a Nordic trilogy in just two games.

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