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Gray Man’s Dhanush Could Return In Next Movie, Russo Brothers Hints

The Gray Man just launched worldwide on Netflix, with the Russo Brothers already hinting at Dhanush’s potential return in a sequel.

Without sounding emotional, naïve or condescending, The Gray Man is an incredibly important film for Indian fans and can certainly be considered a coming out party for a modern Indian cinema superstar, Dhanush.

The Netflix action flick, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, is arguably one of the most anticipated films of the summer and has sparked interest among Indian audiences as it will be Dhanush’s Hollywood debut.

However, fans shouldn’t think of it as a mere cameo or one-off role, with the Russo Brothers already teasing that Dhanush could return in a potential sequel to The Gray Man.

The Gray Man | official trailer

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The Gray Man | official trailer






Russo Bros Hints At Dhanush Return In The Gray Man Sequel

As The Gray Man just dropped, we don’t want to get into spoiler territory discussing what happened to Dhanush’s character, Avik “The Lone Wolf” San, in the film.

However, Dhanush fans can hope that this won’t be the last time the Tamil cinema icon works with the Russo Brothers, the duo behind the new action blockbuster.

Speaking at a press conference in Mumbai on Thursday, as reported by Variety, Joe Russo said: “It’s based on a series of books, so there’s the possibility of extending it to future films. We like to continue with the world because we like all the characters.

“But we need the audience to tell us if they want to see more of the story or not. If we keep moving forward with the story, I can guarantee you that Dhanush’s character will be a part of that world in the future. future.- Joe Russo, via Variety.

Anthony Russo would then add that he “keeps getting text messages from people I know and they just say ‘no more Dhanush’ in the text messages”. In response to the speculation, Dhanush would actually reveal that all it would take for him to return to the franchise would be just “one phone call”.

“It will be great to work with Ryan [Gosling] again, he’s a fantastic human being. He’s very nice, very kind, very welcoming, and he made me feel very, very comfortable on set. And we have incredible mutual respect for each other. And it will be really, really great to work with him. Regardless of [of] whether or not we fight with each other. — Dhanush, via Variety.

Interestingly, Joe Russo noted then how “we love the vibrant film community here” and that “there is so much talent in India, the fan base is so passionate. We would like to find as many projects as possible with Indian talents, producers, directors, actors. It’s exciting for us.

Don’t call us actors from the South or the North, says Dhanush

While the majority of Indian fans will know exactly who and how talented Dhanush is; however, with such a huge Hollywood project, millions of people around the world will only be introduced to the Tamil actor now.

With this in mind, Dhanush recently spoke out against the way he and his colleagues are portrayed in the media, namely the depiction of “Southern” or “Northern” actors.

During a press conference, Dhanush commented, via India Today, on the North versus South debate in Indian cinema from his own perspective of being an Indian actor and not just a product of a certain industry due to its geography.

“I would appreciate [it] if we are called as Indian actors, not as North and South actors. The world has shrunk and the lines are fading. It’s time to come together and make it an industry, a huge industry. — Dhanush, via India Today.

Dhanush then noted how “It will be great if we work together and make films for everyone, not just for the South or the North. National films, not regional films. Each film is a national film.

“People watch films from the South, we watch films from the North. Every movie is for everyone, especially with digital platforms. Everyone has access to watch everyone’s work. — Dhanush, via India Today.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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