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Halloween horror movie mashup video celebrates scary movies of the 2020s


A new Halloween video mashup shared on YouTube highlights some of the best and scariest horror movies released in the 2020s so far.

A new horror movie mashup has hit the web, highlighting all of the great horror movies that have debuted so far this decade. The genre is particularly profitable, turning audience fears into great scares and creepy, spooky entertainment. It has long roots in the film industry, dating back to the early days of cinema.

Horror has always been a popular genre, and each decade has seen its own styles and flavors emerge. For example, the 1970s saw a boom in demonic and satanic horror with films like The Exorcist and The omen, while the 1980s saw the slasher genre take off in the wake of the release of Halloween in 1978. The 2010s were particularly noteworthy, with the resurgence of major horror franchises (such as Halloween reboot), as well as the take-off of the horror film A24 and the Blumhouse model. That success spread into the 2020s, and horror continues its strong track record with a wide array of films and TV shows from creators such as Jordan Peele and Mike Flanagan.

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Despite the fact that the decade is still quite young, many incredible horror films have already made their debuts. In fact, the YouTube user Mavvy Dee posted a mashup video showcasing some of the best horror movies of 2020, highlighting how high-quality content has debuted so far. Watch the video below:

As this video clearly shows, there has been no shortage of great horror films over the past couple of years. The genre has given audiences strong slasher content with movies like The invisible Man and Halloween kills, but it also resulted in some baffling slow burns with movies like The empty man and Holy maud. The video even highlights James Wan Smart, which didn’t necessarily perform particularly well at the box office when it was released, but has already generated a lot of fanfare and praise for its weird and twisty Giallo-inspired tale.

At the very least, this video reminds audiences that horror has the power to last as well (if not better) than any other genre of film. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, when films have often struggled to make meaningful box office impressions, horror films like A Quiet Place, Part II and Halloween kills has consistently outperformed the competition. This era even produced some critically acclaimed horror, with the 2020 film. Host earning the title of scariest movie ever, according to a recent study. As 2021 begins to draw to a close and 2022 draws closer, many horror fans are hoping that this strong record can continue.

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Source: Mavvy Dee

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