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High-tech students advance to math competition finals

MANALAPAN, NJ — A group of high-tech high school students got together to compete in an international online math competition over a weekend in late February.

Kevin Guan from Manalapan, David Chang, Andrew Eng, Alexander Postovskiy from Marlboro, and Ivan Wong from Morganville from High Technology High School achieved one of the top six spots in the MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge.

This year’s contest attracted more than 2,700 11th and 12th graders in the US and sixth graders in the UK.

The team was also named a finalist for the Technical Computing Scholarship Award, which recognizes outstanding use of code to support their solution. The team’s work was reviewed by judges in the first two judging rounds.

Chang found the M3 challenge inspiring. “By learning how to analyze a problem, develop models with technical computation, and communicate results effectively, we gained valuable insights into using mathematics as a powerful interdisciplinary tool. inspired to continue to investigate current issues, now and in the future.”

Using mathematical models, students had to find a solution to a real-world question: Will the shift to remote work last and how long?

The M3 challenge problem required teams to develop a model that predicts what percentage of worker jobs are remote-ready and whether an individual worker whose job is remote-ready will be permitted and choose to work from home.

“This year’s topic touches on several relevant issues that we face as a global community,” said Karen Bliss, M3 Challenge judge and issue development lead. “There are many facets to consider, not the least of which is the current labor shortage in many areas. It is very exciting to see how teams are thinking about remote work and whether they are predicting that ‘he’s here to stay.”

The team faces a final hurdle on April 25 when they present their findings to a panel of professional mathematicians for final validation.