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How Tomorrow War’s Aliens Could Have Saved The Movie

With the first anniversary of tomorrow’s war approaching soon, it’s important to consider the film’s strongest element: the aliens invading Earth’s future. These monsters were grotesque and horrifying, which put the film on the map as a solid creature feature created for mainstream audiences. tomorrow’s war still had plenty of action that showcased the film’s big budget and summertime tone, even though it originally streamed on Prime Video. It was one of the most expensive movies ever made that debuted on a streaming platform, but it still captures that “must have” element for horror fans.

The original plot of tomorrow’s war is rather generic with a futuristic touch. The ringleader, Dan Forester (Chris Pratt), is drafted into a seven-day deployment into the future to fight an enemy he receives very little information about. Luckily for Dan’s group, he’s a veteran who can use his experience to guide them on their simple mission. The lack of logic in the whole process of writing, forming, and transporting didn’t make much sense and would no doubt have been a frustrating part of the movie since it laid the groundwork for the story.

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The lack of clarification resulted in many innocent lives being lost at the hands of the military. Before interacting with the enemy, civilians were recklessly and ruthlessly killed with the sole aim of eliminating the threat as quickly as possible. The human race was putting themselves in harm’s way using this method of attack, which seemed like weak storytelling. That’s not uncommon for blockbuster films, as many focus on a finely produced plot that’s saved by excellent special effects. A good example of this would be the 2009 movie Avatar (sequel released in late 2022), which had amazing visual effects that created a “must-have” element of the movie, but the storyline involving the evil government trope just didn’t elevate or help the movie in any way .

What did Avatar extraordinary were the people of Pandora, and what made tomorrow’s war worth watching were the aliens they had to destroy. Although falling free in a war zone and accidentally landing in a swimming pool on top of a high-rise building was an incredibly exciting way to present the future to the public, this entry was reckless and unnecessary from a point of view military. The line between protecting the citizens and directing their endangerment seemed pretty thin, but the movie changed for the better when Dan and his team finally got a look at the future threat, and the picture was much worse than anyone could have imagined.

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The aliens of tomorrow’s war are monstrous and absolutely terrifying. They weren’t shown in the trailers leading up to the film’s debut, and it was a great move for the marketing campaign, as creature horror fans were blessed with shock and delight at the initial introduction. The aliens were menacing and seemed indestructible. The soldiers were given machine guns to protect against the aliens, but they didn’t really work, which added to the frustrating lack of logic from the military’s perspective.

Once aliens were introduced into the film, these logical flaws fell by the wayside as the threat became the primary focus and saving grace of tomorrow’s war. Tensions rose in moments of terror when the team had to circumvent hundreds of aliens, rivaling the fear factor of many action-adventure games like The last of us who thrived on the fear of being dismembered by a strong creature. By making these aliens harder to kill and more terrifying than anything seen before on Earth, tomorrow’s war was able to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for action and horror fans. Without that extra element, the movie might not have been as interesting or had that “must see” factor that it definitely deserved.